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Butte College Concurrent Enrollment


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About Concurrent Enrollment
The Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students to enroll in college courses while simultaneously attending their high school/middle school. Credits earned through this program may be used to fulfill high school and college certificate, transfer, or graduation requirements.

Who Participates?
Any student that is currently enrolled in high school or jr. high may participate in concurrent enrollment.


1.  Consult with your parent/guardian(s), your school counselor and/or principal to see if you'd be a good candidate for the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

2.  Apply online or you may pick up a paper application at one of the Campus locations. Students under 13 years of age must apply in person to the Butte College Admissions and Records Office.

3.  Obtain a Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form from the following:

      -Your school counseling/principal's office OR

      -The Butte College Welcome Center/Office of School Relations OR

      -Download and print the form here

4.  Math Placement  Concurrent enrollment students are eligible for Math 4, 5, 11, 18, 110, 116, 118 and 124.  If you are wanting to enroll in Math 12, 13, 20, 26 or 30 you must attach a high school transcript to the Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form when submitting. Visit the Career and Academic Assessment Center (formally Assessment) to review the math prerequisites.

5.  English Placement Concurrent enrollment students are eligible for English 2 or 3. We recommend you visit the Career and Academic Assessment Center (formally Assessment) to review your options.

6.  Prerequisites Many courses offered through Butte College have some type of prerequisite. These are used to establish a student's readiness for the content to be covered within a course. Visit the Career and Academic Assessment Center (formally Assessment) for a list of prerequisites.    

7.  Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form   Consult with your school counselor and/or principal to select courses and obtain appropriate signatures.  It is advisable to select alternate courses in the event that the courses you select are full. 

8.  Submit the completed Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form by the deadline to one the following: 

      -In Person to Butte College Welcome Center/Office of School Relations (Main Campus)

      -Mail to 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville Ca 95965.  Attn: Welcome Center/Office of School Relations

      -Fax to (530) 895-2962

      -Email to

9. Attend a Prep Session (Optional)  Join us as we provide an overview of the concurrent enrollment process, provide information about campus resources, and answer questions. Bring your MyBC log-in information and Student ID number.

10. Registration  Once you have received an approved form signed by the appropriate Butte College representative, proceed with the registration process via Butte College's online MyBC registration process.   View the Butte College web site to obtain the date and time for your registration.  Concurrent enrollment is limited to 11 units maximum in the Fall and Spring terms, 10 units maximum in the Summer term, and 4 units maximum in the Winter term.

11.  Fees/Payment  Enrollment and service fees are waived for concurrent enrollment students.  Course material fees and textbooks are not currently waived and may be an additional cost.

12.  Attending Class Students are responsible for complying with the rules and regulations of the college and follow the Butte College academic calender. 

13.  Transcripts  If you are completing the course to obtain high school credit, you must have your Butte College transcripts sent to your high school. Transcript Request Forms are available at the Admissions and Records Offices at the Main Campus, Chico Center, Glenn County Center or here


The law limits the number of K-12 students enrolled in each section of a physical activity class. Approval for concurrent enrollment in a physical education class does not guarantee you will be selected to enroll in that class.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects privacy of a student's educational records by placing limits on whom may have access to the records, what information may be shared or disclosed, and how that information may be used. Butte College complies with FERPA and has strict policies and procedures in place governing student records. Because Concurrent Enrollment students are considered college students (even if underage), Butte College does not permit access to their educational records or disclose information to anyone (including parents).



In order to utilize the Butte College Student Health Clinic a Authorization to Treat a Minor Form must be on file with the clinic. Forms can be found here. In addition, a small service fee will be charged.