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Every 15 Minutes

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March 10, 2017



Dear Every 15 Minutes Families and Community members,

You are invited to attend the Every 15 Minutes Parent Program on Wednesday, April 12th, from 7 – 8:30 p.m., at Enloe Conference Center, 1528 Esplanade, Chico, CA.  This program, for all parents, will be conducted during the time that our Every 15 Minutes student participants are engaged in the student program off campus. This special parent program has been designed to help prepare and support all parents in their efforts to help their children make healthy decisions – especially in the area of alcohol and driving.

The program will begin with parent speakers who will share their personal story of how alcohol and drugs impacted their family. A representative from Behavioral Health will also share specific tools for parents, designed to support them in helping their children make positive, healthy decisions.

Please contact Ann E. Brodsky, 891-3050, x112, should you have questions.

Coming April 12-13, 2016
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Every 15 Minutes is a two-day program focusing on high school juniors and seniors, which challenges them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions. Along with alcohol-related crashes, it focuses on the impact that their decisions would have on family and friends.

The Every 15 Minutes program originated in Canada and was soon adopted in the United States first in Spokane, Washington.[1] The site of the first Every 15 Minutes program in California was in Chico which was presented by the Chico Police Department in 1995.[2]

This year, Inspire and Chico High are working together along with our community to put on the Every 15 Minutes program. All juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the program. Please click the link below to submit an application.