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Bell Schedule

Our goal at Inspire is to provide opportunities for our students to explore and discover their personal talents and passions.  Traditional six-period school bell schedules lack elective options to make this possible.  That's why we have created our own unique schedule.  It’s very much like the schedules Inspire students will encounter when they attend college or university.  (We'll explain how that works in a moment.)

Inspire's schedule makes it possible for our students to satisfy all UC/CSU requirements, while exploring and learning more about themselves through courses related to their personal interests.  Studies have shown again and again that when students are actively and personally engaged in courses and activities at school, they perform better in all subject areas.  Our founders have been involved for many years in smaller learning community program development, including the very successful Academy of Communications and Technology (ACT) program at Chico High School.  The California Partnership Academy program structure that made ACT so successful for students of all abilities, serves as a model for many components of Inspire's program design.

In order to explain our schedule, we're going to describe our structure and show you anexample of what a student's day(s) might look like.  Some of us are visual learners, so we are including charts.  This may be a little confusing at first, but it will become clear shortly.  So hold on.  Here we go!
All Inspire students enroll in our academic "core" courses, which include honors and AP offerings.  Inspire's "core" is designed to prepare all of our students for academic success at the college and universities most of them will be attending after high school.
Additionally, each Inspire student indicates, through their initial application, and then as they enroll in classes, their personal interests related to Inspire's foci on the arts and sciences.  Student interests play a significant part in the development of our four-year course sequences.  We call these course sequences "pathways."   Presently Inspire offers five major pathways:  Dance, Drama/Music Theater, Instrumental Music, Voice, and Engineering.  Our eight-period schedule makes it possible for us to create course sequences of a depth and breadth not possible in the traditional six-period schedule.  When a student enrolls into one of these pathways, she or he will in no way be limited to classes within that program.  Limiting student choice is the last thing we want to do!  Their pathway selection just helps us guide each student through their chosen pathway program, preparing them for success beyond Inspire.
Inspire students select up to four electives each semester.  Up to two of these electives might be study hall, if that time is needed by an individual to work on academic assignments.  Many students choose to take elective courses directly related to their pathway of interest.  Others decide to “explore” by including electives from other pathways into their schedule.  Inspire’s ability to offer up to four electives per semester affords our students a fantastic opportunity to discover those talents and personal passions that might never be addressed within a traditional school schedule.
Here is an example of the courses an Inspire sophmore might take at Inspire:

This student is enrolled in the Drama/Music Theater pathway and has chosen semester electives related to her interests. (These electives are examples of the elective classes we offer at Inspire.)
Inspire students have the option of satisfying PE requirements through our dance classes or by participating in outside activities such as gymnastics, organized sports, private gyms, etc. through our Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) program.
Now, let's see how these classes would fit into our sophmore's daily schedule:

As you can see, we rotate through a complete cycle every two weeks.

The last 35 minutes of the regular school day make up a very special part of our schedule.  We call it our Advisory Period.  During Advisory, Inspire students can receive assistance from any instructors as needed.  Students are assigned advisors that stay with them for all four years, providing a safe, supportive environment..sort of families within the larger inspire family.  This time can also be used to complete lab or other schoolwork, work on computer-based assignments, or rehearse music or theatrical productions.
So, there it is!  Our modified A/B schedule addresses many of the restrictions imposed on students and teachers by the traditional six period bell schedule.  Inspire students receive more individualized attention from our instructors, have the opportunity to explore and discover their own interests and talents, and work on academic and technical assignments in teacher-staffed labs and classrooms well past the end of the "regular" school day.
Anything is possible, so watch our site (especially our Principal's Notes on the front page) for updates.