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Registration nights WERE  March 22nd and 23rd.  We registered Inspire freshmen in rooms B4 and B7 at the Chico High School campus from 4pm to 8pm.  The registration schedule was posted on our home page.  We also sent a registration schedule to applicants' email addresses.  We will also sent example registration forms for students to prepare in advance. The form can also be found below. 
First, to help you get an idea of how your schedule at Inspire might look, here is an example of a typical schedule.
Notice, there are quarter, semester and year-long electives to choose from.  You need to make sure you match up quarter and semester classes in combinations that add up to one year.  We also suggest that you consider taking study hall if you think you might need some time during the school day to work on school assignments.  It is also a great time to get some help with your schoolwork.
Below is a copy of our registration form.  We know that it seems to be a little complicated at first, but counselors and Inspire staff will be at registration to help you.  Courses and their course numbers are listed below this form.  Course descriptions can be found by clicking on the "News" link at the top of this page.

(Don't try filling this out here.  It's just a sample form.)

Here is some specific info that you will need to fill out the form when you receive it in your email:
9th grade Course Selection Card
a)         This is the form you will finalize with the counselors when you come in to register.
b)         At the top of the form, on lines 1 and 2 are the two courses all freshmen must take:  English and Integrated Science or Biology.
c)         The next three lines indicate selections in the other academic areas that must be filled in, depending upon the level of course, such as Algebra 1, Geometry etc.    The counselors will have each student’s transcript and be able to provide advice in these areas depending upon what they’ve taken before and what their goals are upon graduating from high school.
d)         In the upper right hand corner of the card, you will also see “yes/no” boxes for Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) and Online Health. We strongly recommend you choose ISPE as the physical fitness test is in the freshmen year. Since students need two years of PE to graduate, it is also important to get started right away.
e)         For electives, please read the directions.  Our schedule provides for a combination of year-long, semester and quarter-long electives.  You and your student must carefully plan this so that if your student takes semester-long and quarter-long electives, they balance each other.  For example:
§         If a student wanted to take quarter electives, Creative Writing in the first quarter and AC/DC Electronics in the second quarter, then they could balance with Songwriting which is a semester course.  This would be the equivalent to one-year-long course offering.
§         This same student might want to take Theatre Production which is a year-long elective and would then give them seven total courses.
§         At this point this student might be completely exhausted and choose a study hall as their final elective, giving them 8 courses. (My attempt at “tongue and cheek” but we do recommend that students strongly consider the study hall option.)

§         On the website is a chart indicating a sample schedule.  Scroll down on the home page and you’ll see it.  Remember, we have eight periods to register for, and on the sample schedule, “study hall” is not indicated, but if you choose that,  it would take the place of one year-long course.

e)         You and your student will also need to rank the electives you would like (1 being most important) and make a second choice in each case. It’s important to make a second choice as we might not have enough registered to offer the course. You list your second choices in the right-hand column.

Freshman Selection Card 2010-2011Top of Page

_____________________       ________________________________               Present School: Chico High      _____  
Last Name         (Please Print)       First Name                                                                  PV High          _____
                                                                                                                                      Fairview High   _____                    
                                                                                                                                      Other: _______________________
________________    __________________________________                                                     (please name school)
Student ID#                 Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                 On-line Health yes no
(1)     ____________           ENGLISH 9-P         ___ Please check for honors*                                             (this course to be done independently)
         Course Number              Required Course                                  
(2)     ____________           Integrated Science or Biology                     (3)    ____________        ____________________________              
         Course Number               Required Course                                                   Course Number           MATH (Recommended)                         
(4)   _____________             ____________________                                 (5)    ____________        ____________________________                    
        Course Number             Foreign Language (Recommended)                           Course Number         Academic Elective                                              
Instructions for Choosing Electives:
1. Study hall can be included as a year-long elective.        It does not receive credits.                                     Quarter = 2.5
2. If you choose study hall, your other elective courses have to equal 20 credits.                                           Semester = 5.0 credits
3. If you do not choose study hall, your other elective choices have to equal 30 credits.                                Year-long = 10.0 credits
4. Please rank electives in order of importance in the parentheses to the left.
Semester and/or Yearlong Electives
 ( )  ____________    __________________________________                   ____________    __________________________
       Course Number      Elective  (1st choice)                                                  Course Number     Elective  (2nd choice)
 ( )   ____________  __________________________________                    ____________    __________________________
       Course Number       Elective  (1st choice)                                                  Course Number     Elective  (2nd choice)   
 ( ) ______________ __________________________________                   ____________     __________________________
         Course Number     Elective  (1st choice)                                                  Course Number      Elective   (2nd choice)
 ( ) ______________ __________________________________                    ____________      __________________________
         Course Number     Elective   (1st choice)                                                 Course Number       Elective   (2nd choice)
( ) ______________ __________________________________                     ____________      __________________________
         Course Number     Elective   (1st choice)                                                 Course Number       Elective   (2nd choice)
( ) ______________ __________________________________                      ____________      __________________________
         Course Number     Elective   (1st choice)                                                  Course Number       Elective   (2nd choice)
Quarter Electives to be entered in the lines below.
   ( )    _____________ ______________________________                           ___________     ____________________________
            Course Number   Quarter Elective (1st choice)                                      Course Number     Quarter Elective (2nd choice)
   ( )   _____________ ______________________________                             ___________     ____________________________
           Course Number   Quarter Elective (1st choice)                                        Course Number     Quarter Elective (2nd choice)
   ( )    _____________ ______________________________                            ___________     ____________________________
            Course Number   Quarter Elective  (1st choice)                                      Course Number      Quarter Elective  (2nd choice)
   ( )    _____________ ______________________________                            ___________      ____________________________
            Course Number   Quarter Elective  (1st choice)                                      Course Number      Quarter Elective  (2nd choice)
* 1. Students interested in honors English designation on their transcript will be required to
    complete teacher-guided enrichment work.        

List of Freshmen Course OfferingsTop of Page

a)         This list provides you with all the course offerings in columns delineated by year-long, semester and quarter.
b)         It also delineates between courses that will be UC/a-g approval (pending WASC accreditation) and purely elective courses.
c)         If you need more info on a course, you can go to our website,, click on “News” at the top of the homepage and you’ll see a link for course descriptions.
d)         We are also offering on-line Health.  This does not take the place of another elective but will be an “addition” to the schedule, and students will be responsible for completing it on their own time.  This would be another reason to include study hall as will give them time to manage their courses.
e)         If you need to read course descriptions, go to the web site at and click on “News” at the top of the home page. You will find course descriptions there.
Very important:  We’re asking you to do some of this work ahead of the actual registration because we’re budgeting 15 minutes for each student’s registration.  Please try to have the schedule filled out ahead of the registration, and if we need to make changes, we can. We want to be able to mitigate “wait time.”

Here are the courses and their numbers:
Inspire School of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Course Offerings Fall 2010/2011
For descriptions of the courses listed below, please click link “News”
*pending UC/CSU approval
** Elective credits only
Study Hall receives no credits
English 9-P*
English 9 Honors*

2650021   Intro to Ethics, Philosophy and  World Religions**
2650011   Geography** 
2250590   Southern American Literature **
2250600   Literature and Music**
2250610   History of Rock**
2250150   Creative Writing** 
2450111   Algebra B*
2450211   Geometry*
2450081   Algebra II*
2450251   Math Analysis*
2110121   Piano/Music Theory 1**
2110061   Piano/Music Theory 2**
2110041   Beginning Acoustic Guitar**
2110150   Songwriting**
2110160   Pop Band** 
2400280   AC/DC Electronics**
2400290   Electronic Circuits/System
2400300   Robotics**
2150060   Intro to Video Production**
2150090   “Write, Shoot, Produce – Video  Production Genre Series**
2400310   Intro to Audio Production**
2400320   Pro Tools Studio Recording**
2150110   2D Animation**
2300161   Spanish I*
2300171   Spanish II*
2300181   Spanish III*
2300191   Spanish IV*
2100341   Dance Exploration I**
2100351   Dance Exploration II** 
2900620   Presentation Team**
2100300   Fiber Arts Design** 
Integrated Science*
2620051   Biology*
2610041   Chemistry*
2100541   Theatre Exploration I**
2100551   Theatre Exploration II** 
World History*
On-line Health 
2110111   Orchestra*
2110171   Concert Band*
2110101   Concert Choir*
2100560   Musical Theatre   Workshop*
2100331   Dance Styles*
2100321   Dance Theory, Composition &  Production*
2100561   Theatre Production*
2900590   Student Government**
2150100   Digital Photography &        
2000190 Study Hall
We will see you at registration March 22nd and 23rd.  We can't wait to meet all of you!