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Electives Course DescriptionsTop of Page

Creative Writing Top of Page

Grades 9-12, Semester-long

This course is for those students who enjoy writing and taking risks with their imaginations. We will read creative works by classic and cutting-edge writers and focus on what makes vivid, effective and engaging writing across the genres. We will particularly but not exclusively emphasize fiction and poetry. (Class may be repeated.)

History of Rock Top of Page

Grades 9-12, Semester-long

This course will explore the early history of rock music, including its antecedents in Country and Rhythm & Blues. It will encompass two areas of study: an analysis of musical characteristics and evolving styles, and a consideration of the sociopolitical impact rock music has had on the second half of the 20th century. Students will also discuss rock’s influence on other forms of art, such as film and poetry.

Humanities CaféTop of Page

Grades 9-12, Semester-long
Prerequisite: B average in English or teacher approval
This elective course will study the human condition as it is creatively expressed in literature as well as visual art, music and foreign film. Students will explore themes of identity, social roles, survival, human connection, the struggle for personal fulfillment, and the power and vision of the imagination.

Senior Project/PortfolioTop of Page

Grade 12, Year-long

Prerequisite: major advisor approval
In this course students will work with a teacher or individual Major Advisors to develop and complete a year-long project or portfolio for presentation. Assignments will be given specific guidelines depending on the student interests and field of study, future goals will also be considered. Student will have the opportunity to find, research, design, implement, document, and present a large, in depth project that utilizes all the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have developed thus far.

Student GovernmentTop of Page

Grades 9-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: teacher permission required
Student Government leadership training is designed for the student interested in learning the basic concepts of democratic government, leadership skill, parliamentary procedures, group processes, leadership practice and planning, and organization. It affords the student the opportunity to develop speaking and writing skills; to improve in courtesy, confidence, poise and appearance; to work with peers of diverse backgrounds and attitudes; to share responsibilities with adults; to consider and work with problems of income and expenditure. Goal setting, decision-making, valuing, time and stress management are included.

YearbookTop of Page

Grades 9-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: teacher permission required, Digital Photography encouraged
Yearbook is a one-year elective that produces the school yearbook, which will include the traditional printed book as well as multimedia. Members of the staff are expected to have a high level of maturity and the ability to work independently. This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the team to exercise their creativity, while developing new skills in computer design, photography, marketing, budget management, copy writing, and project management. Creating the yearbook is a fun process and the end result of all the effort is a product the students can be proud of long into the future.  Students will be expected to develop skills necessary to effectively produce the yearbook. A strong commitment to meeting deadlines is required, including any necessary weekend or after-school work. The yearbook is a team effort, and good people skills are required. Grading will be based on a rubric that will measure students’ performance in areas including (but not limited to): planning, organization/time management, effort, level of engagement, creativity, skills and attitude. Students will also have the opportunity to design posters, tickets, flyers, and programs for Inspire events.