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student dressed as a scarecrow   
The Wizard of Oz
Our first musical performance, and it was FANTASTIC!
dancers performing on a stage   
A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
The pictures are here!
Over 125 students were involved in the production, either on stage or back stage or helping to build sets, design and make costumes, compose and play the music - the list goes on and on. We are so proud of them all as the production was professional through and through. The students, for the most part, ran most of the show themselves from start to finish, and it was a magical run.
Fantastic job everyone.
What a show!
Keep an eye on this spot.
We will be publishing photographs from the show very soon (if we can remember where we saved the files.)
student performing on a stage   
You Can't Take It With You
This was our first production in a smaller theatre. Our cast performed at the Blue Room and it was spectacular!
dancers performing on a stage   
Seven shows to full houses and standing ovations.
our cast and crew deserved every one of them.
student wearing a headset smiling   
Here are some more theatre photos. We like to take pictures.