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Dress Code


The issue of proper dress is primarily the responsibility and concern of the student and their parents, but it is also the responsibility of the school to create an environment which will enable the pupil to reach toward their highest potential as a unique individual and at the same time prepare for responsible citizenry in the adult community which supports the educational environment. In order to create a safe learning environment the Inspire Board has adopted the following dress guidelines.

When a pupil’s dress does not meet the criteria below, staff will confer with the student privately and/or parent and discuss the criteria of school appropriate clothing.

1. Students must wear footwear.

2. All garments must appropriately cover the body.

A. The entirety of the torso, waist, hips, and legs shall be covered from the height of the armpits to approximately 2” below the buttocks/groin while standing, sitting, bending, and/or reaching.

B. Any outer garments that expose the torso or are “see-through” must be worn with an additional garment underneath which meets the standard directly above (2,A).

3. Slogans shall not offend, defame, insult or ridicule any individual, group or segment of society.

4. Students may not wear, display or be in possession of clothing and/or accessories as interpreted by staff as negative, derogatory, or inappropriate, which:

A. Indicate an association with a group (gang affiliation, etc.) that is determined to be detrimental to the safety and well-being of the school community;

B. Are explicit, suggestive, or derogatory;

C. Express or advocate violence, express negative racial, gender, or ethnic messages;

D. Promote, express, depict, suggest, or advocate the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or intoxicants of any kind;

E. Create a disruption to the safe and reasonable operation of the school.

Corrective action:

A. Staff will present students with a pass to go to the office or privately direct students to the office.

B. Administration will call home when students are not meeting the criteria above.

C. Appropriate clothing will be available in the office to ensure students can meet the criteria above with minimal time out of class.

* Please Note – The Dress code above applies to the routine day to day operation of the school.

Performances, ASB events (i.e. dances), and other school functions may provide alternative guidelines due to the nature of the event/performance.

Updated Aug 2016