Fun Links & Resources

Use these links to practice your Español! There is a variety of them, check them out! 

FluentU Pracctice your Spanish using this fun website with lots of Authentic Resources.

Study Spanish  -  Find a variety of grammar explanations, vocabulary, pronunciation and more here.

Zambombazo - Reading materials, culture, videos, music, drills, and  much more.  Fun and interactive site to practice your Spanish skills.

Word Reference- On line dictionary and much more.  This website includes verb conjugations, synonyms in the target language, definitions etc.  This online resource also has an APP for smart phones, super convenient.  

BBC Mundo- Hispanic news website, including sports, entertainment, forecast and more. 

Univisión - Hispanic new site, including sports, entertainmnet, forecast and more 

Spanish Games - Have a little fun playing  these learning games to improve your Spanish! 

Learn how to make accent marks and punctuation

Duolingo - Try this fun website to practice and continue to learn Spanish or other languges.  There is also an APP available for smart phones.

Screencast YouTube Channel - This is my YouTube channel where I have created a playlist of grammar videos-screencasts to help you learn.  


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