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Walking Man

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Probability with Marbles

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An Example of Similarity Gone Wrong with an Unfortunate Scale Factor: Stonehenge from Spinal TapPhoto of the Actual Stonehenge 
Algebra 2
Arithmetic Sequences:
Geometric Sequences:
Slope from Two Points on the Line:
Point-Slope Form:
Median-Medial Line:
Solving Systems with Graphing:
Solving Systems with Substitution:
Solving Systems with Elimination:
Solving Systems with Matrices:
Translating and Reflecting Functions:
Translating and Stretching Functions:
Exponential Functions:
Integrated Math 1
Domain and Range: 
Negative Exponents:
Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines:
Transformations: Reflection:; Rotation:; Translation:
Integrated Math 2
Parallel and Transversal Lines: 
Sum of the Angles in a Triangle:
Flow Chart Proof:
Triangle Similarity:
Side Splitter Theorem:
Two Dice Probability:
Tangent applied example:  
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