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COVID-19 Prevention Program

The California Department of Public Health has recently revised several of its recommendations for K-12 schools. As you continue to make decisions about your child’s learning, we want to be sure to keep you informed.¬†The following is a summary of Inspire’s COVID protocols, along with key changes from the CDPH:


  • Physical distancing recommendations reflect a minimum of 3′ between students in classrooms (revised from 6′)
  • Ventilation is a key component of a safe and healthy classroom environment
  • Masks are still required at all times for staff and students
  • Classrooms cleaned regularly (no longer required to disinfect)
  • Students are expected to wash hands frequently, and to use hand sanitizer when entering or leaving the classroom
  • Students experiencing symptoms of COVID should not come to school


Updated May 6, 2021

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Last Month Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases % in March % Total
Staff Off Campus 0 3 2.08% 6.25%
Staff On Campus 0 1 0.00% 2.08%
Students Attending In-Person 1 1 0.00% 2.08%
Students Attending Via Distance Learning 0 4 0.00% 8.33%