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We are growing a team and have many ways to help and you get rewarded! We are looking for volunteers to reach out to community members and parents to encourage involvement, grant writing, marketing, public relations, and much more! All volunteer hours are logged and we reward volunteers with gifts, discounts to performances, and tickets to the Neverland Ball Gala. Volunteer meetings are held monthly. Visit to sign up and get involved! 

For additional information, please contact our team: or (530) 999-2882 

Inspire Performing Arts Boosters

People always ask: “How can we/I help?”

Usual response is: “Fill our seats, spread the word to increase our audiences, make a program ad purchase, get goodies at the concessions booth, or donate time and items when called for.”

For ten years, this has been enough, but now these ways to help the Performing Arts have been obliterated by the pandemic. After waiting a year for things to improve, we have decided to form a new plan and WE NEED YOU! We have created an Inspire Performing Arts (IPA) Boosters Program. All donations will go directly to our programming and are tax deductible. We need to get through this and allow our students to have the amazing learning opportunities they deserve even if they look a little different.

EASY AS 1-2-3!

STEP 1: Click here to visit our Boosters Website hosted by the Inspire Foundation on the Classy platform of giving. 

[More details and specific info can be found on this site].

STEP 2: Become an IPA Boosters Member ($42) or IPA 5 STAR Boosters Member ($210) by making an annual membership donation.


Click here to view our boosters flyer, and consider printing/disseminating! 

Make our mission come to life: Inspire Performing Arts (IPA) Boosters Program supports the creative, challenging, and nurturing environment designed by Inspire School of Arts & Sciences that offers passionate and focused students professional preparation for higher education and life-long learning in the arts. We are the crew behind the crew!

Our programs work year-round to educate students and are fundamental to our performing arts curriculum. At the most basic level, performing artists need to perform. Thank you for considering boosting and our funding for the performing arts we love!


Jarrah Myles (Inspire Production Director) on behalf of the Inspire Performing Arts students, Inspire Production Team, and Performing Arts staff.

Additional Questions? E-mail: Jarrah Myles at



A graphic image with a collage of performing arts students with IPA Boosters logo in middle