Family Giving Program

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences is a tuition-free, donation-dependent public charter school and we can not raise the money we need with small fundraisers. No student is offered or denied enrollment based upon financial capacity. However, each school year we must raise private funds to underwrite the arts and sciences programs, and we rely on parents and the community-at-large to help us reach this goal.

The Family Giving Program was created to provide parents with an opportunity to contribute an annual or monthly donation to their child’s education. All contributions are voluntary, and directly support the curriculum, classes, program enhancements, and operating costs. All donations to the school are tax deductible. 

For additional information, please contact:

Celeste Cramer, Development Director or (530) 999-2882 

Alumni Association

The Inspire alumni are our school’s greatest achievement! Inspire School of Arts & Sciences is a life-changing school for so many young adults. If you feel grateful to have had this high school experience, if you want your alma mater to succeed years into the future, and if you want to create a lasting legacy for all the students who follow, please consider joining the Inspire Alumni Legacy by donating any amount monthly to the Inspire Foundation. Your donation enables us to provide an incredible education to all students no matter what their financial capacity, provide exceptional arts and sciences programming, and work towards building a new school site for the future students of Inspire. 

In return, we are officially creating the Inspire Alumni Association to keep all our amazing past students connected to Inspire. We will be starting an Inspire Alumni E-Newsletter every other month highlighting current events and featuring what our alumni are up to now. We hope to have a large all class event to celebrate you and Inspire achieving 10 years of exceptional education once we can do it safely. This year we will graduate our 10th class and we think that makes for a perfect time to begin our very own Inspire Alumni Association. Please join us!

For additional information, please contact:

Celeste Cramer, Development Director or (530) 999-2882 

Give Time & Volunteer

We are growing a team and have many ways to help and you get rewarded! We are looking for volunteers to reach out to community members and parents to encourage involvement, grant writing, marketing, public relations, and much more! All volunteer hours are logged and we reward volutneers with gifts, discounts to performances, and tickets to the Neverland Ball Gala. Volunteer meetings are held monthly. Complete the volunteer profile set up and you will receive access to the volunteer portal to see what volunteer jobs are available, when the next volunteer meeting is happening, and more.

For additional information, please contact:

Celeste Cramer, Development Director or (530) 999-2882 

If you have already signed up to use the volunteer portal, please use this link to access your unique volunteer URL. 

Inspire Performing Arts Boosters

People always ask: “How can we/I help?”

Usual response is: “Fill our seats, spread the word to increase our audiences, make a program ad purchase, get goodies at the concessions booth, or donate time and items when called for.”

For ten years, this has been enough, but now these ways to help the Performing Arts have been obliterated by the pandemic. After waiting a year for things to improve, we have decided to form a new plan and WE NEED YOU! We have created an Inspire Performing Arts (IPA) Boosters Program. All donations will go directly to our programming and are tax deductible. We need to get through this and allow our students to have the amazing learning opportunities they deserve even if they look a little different.

STEP 1: Click here to visit our Boosters Website hosted by the Inspire Foundation on the Classy platform of giving. 

[More details and specific info can be found on this site].

STEP 2: Become an IPA Boosters Member or IPA 5 STAR Boosters Member by making an annual membership donation. You can securely donate online or make a cash/check donation at the Inspire Office made payable to “Inspire ASB” Memo Line “IPA Boosters.”

STEP 3: Give to other upcoming events that need a boost.

STEP 4: Share our IPA Boosters program via word-of-mouth, Instagram, FaceBook, E-mail, text…get creative! Help promote our one-of-a-kind educational program by encouraging individuals, families, and businesses to give Inspire Performing Arts a BOOST! We have already raised our first $1000.

STEP 5: Consider giving monthly to Inspire through our Inspire Foundations monthly give program to continually support our programs and capital campaign for our new campus.

You can stop reading here and go to the website to give us a BOOST… or if you would like more details contact Production Director Jarrah Myles .  Sometimes we need more information to understand where our donation will go and whom it will help. We also need IPA Boosters who can become well-informed advocates and really help us through this transition back from a year-long hiatus.

Make our mission come to life: Inspire Performing Arts (IPA) Boosters Program supports the creative, challenging, and nurturing environment designed by Inspire School of Arts & Sciences that offers passionate and focused students professional preparation for higher education and life-long learning in the arts. We are the crew behind the crew!

A graphic image with a collage of performing arts students with IPA Boosters logo in middle
Student raising hand

Become A Foundation Supporter

Making a difference in the life of a student is a gift and becoming a supporter shows a commitment to the school, the staff and the students.

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences strives to motivate and empower its students to reach their intellectual, creative, personal, civic, and social potentials in a smaller, supportive environment in which all students feel safe, appreciated and respected. We invite you to join us by investing in the school, students and teachers. Together, with your generous support, we can help Inspire School of Arts & Science students rise to become the leaders of tomorrow! 

As a thank you, supporters receive access to student’s virtual performances (only available to our supporters), a VIP ticket to the Inspire annual musical, discounted tickets to the Foundation’s Neverland Ball Gala and other benefits throughout the year. You have the option to renew your supporter membership annually.

For additional information, please contact Celeste Cramer, Development Director, at or (530) 999-2882

Volunteer Profile Set Up: