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Do you love to dance? A dance major allows students of various technical levels to dive into the study of movement and creative expression.

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About Dance Major

The dance major encourages you to become a well-rounded dancers in all genre, explore dance creation through choreography, teach dance as an assistant in classes, and become an active member of the local dance community. You will develop your individual knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and attitudes in relation to the craft of dance, your own unique identity, and the world around you through the perspective of dance.

Focus will be given to learning various dance techniques, dance history, and expressing one’s self through movement. Whether you love to dance as a serious hobby or you desire to dance professionally, dance at Inspire will fulfill your passion.


Jarrah Myles
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Major Profile

  • Foundation Courses

    • Dance 1
    • Dance 2
    • Dance 3
    • Dance 4
  • Breadth Courses

    • Dance Styles
    • Performing Arts Foundation, Stagecraft or Theatre Design
    • Anatomy or Physics
    • Choreography or Dance Teaching Practicum
    • Choreography 2 or Dance Styles
  • Capstone Courses

    • Senior Project/Portfolio
    • Dance Teaching Experience
  • Electives

    • Performing Arts Foundation
    • Stagecraft
    • Theatre Design
    • Vocal Techniques
    • Theatre Production
    • Electronic Music Composition
    • Musical Theatre Workshop
    • Musical Theatre Performance
    • Theatre Arts
    • Acting
    • Choir
    • Orchestra
    • Pop Band

What Our Students Have To Say...

Victoria Knighten

Class of 2020
If it wasn't for the amazing staff that has inspired me and has pushed me to continue what I love to do best, I probably wouldn't even be thinking about having a career at all but the dance program at Inspire is one of the main reasons why I have continued to do what I love and continue my studies in dance.
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Webster Moore

Class of 2015
Inspire propelled me into the musical career that I'm currently pursuing.  It was the first place I sang in front of folks on a stage, where I started my first band, and where I started to writing my own music.  I'm very appreciative of the experiences I've had at this school, and consider myself very lucky I got to attend.
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