Recording Arts Major

Do you listen to recordings and want to create your own? Do you have a DAW on your laptop and can’t seem to stop mixing and creating your own recordings?

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About Recording Arts Major

Recording Arts Majors have the opportunity to learn and experiment with industry standard technology, instruments and computer software. Through the Recording Arts Major, you will learn about microphones, audio engineering, mixing, mastering and working in the studio. Recording Arts Majors will work on projects from rehearsal to final mastered recording.


Jim White
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Major Profile

  • Foundation Courses

    • Piano 1
    • Electronic Music Composition
  • Breadth Courses

    • Recording Arts
    • Music Theory
  • Capstone Courses

    • Recording Arts Practicum
  • Electives

    • Guitar 1
    • Dance 1
    • Pop Band
    • Orchestra

What Our Students Have To Say...

Webster Moore

Class of 2015
Inspire propelled me into the musical career that I'm currently pursuing.  It was the first place I sang in front of folks on a stage, where I started my first band, and where I started to writing my own music.  I'm very appreciative of the experiences I've had at this school, and consider myself very lucky I got to attend.
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