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About Science Major

Is your DVR full of Mythbusters episodes? If so, a science major might be the right choice for you. Science seeks to answer fundamental questions about the smallest building blocks of life to the greatest mysteries of the universe. A science major will give you the hands on laboratory experience and critical thinking skills needed to provide a solid foundation for a possible career in science or just satisfy your curiosity for the unknown. Isolate your own DNA! Grow bacteria that glows! Use forensics to trace an outbreak of a deadly disease! Do all of this and more when you choose to major in science at Inspire.


Malina Olson
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Major Profile

  • Foundation Courses

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • Breadth Courses – Physical Science Emphasis:

    • Introduction to Engineering
    • Principles of Engineering
    • 2 additional courses from Life Science
  • Breadth Courses – Life Science Emphasis:

    • Introduction to Engineering
    • AP Biology or another AP Science
    • Anatomy/Physiology
    • Biotechnical Engineering
  • Capstone Course

    • To be decided with major advisor
  • Additional Required Courses

    • 4 years Mathematics
  • Recommended Courses

    • Art 1

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Webster Moore

Class of 2015
Inspire propelled me into the musical career that I'm currently pursuing.  It was the first place I sang in front of folks on a stage, where I started my first band, and where I started to writing my own music.  I'm very appreciative of the experiences I've had at this school, and consider myself very lucky I got to attend.
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