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About Technical Theatre Major

A Technical Theatre major provides a broad base of study in Set Design, Costume Design, Makeup/Hair Design, Lighting Design, Property Design, Scenery Construction, Scenic Art, Costume Construction and Sound Design. You will have the opportunity for both fundamental exploration in all areas and advanced in depth course work with mentoring from professional designers and technicians. All courses consist of both lecture and experiential components. You will be encouraged and expected to assume responsible positions as designers or technicians on Inspire productions. Emphasis will be placed on collaboration with other artistic members of a production team as well as how all the aspects of a production support the overall concept. Students may also focus on the areas of producing and stage managing.


Jarrah Myles
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Major Profile

  • Foundation Courses

    • Performing Arts Foundation
  • Breadth Courses

    • Art 1
    • Intro to Illustration Art or Graphic Design
    • Stagecraft
    • Theatre Arts or Advanced Theatre Arts Workshop
    • Theatre Design
  • Capstone Courses

    • VAPA Digital Portfolio or Theatre Production
  • One of These

    • Art 2-4
    • Ceramics 1-3
    • Pottery 1-3
    • Digital Photography
    • Video Classes
    • Choreography
    • Engineering Classes
    • Music Classes
    • Acting Classes
    • Journalism
  • Electives – Any Classes not used in Breadth:

    • Theatre Arts
    • Advanced Theatre Arts
    • Intro Digital Illustration/Art
    • Graphic Design
    • Stagecraft
    • Advanced Theatre Arts
    • Advanced Acting

What Our Students Have To Say...

Jamison Winternitz

Class of 2019
This school teaches life skills, work ethic, and provides a constructive/supportive community you cannot get at any other school.
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Josiah Robinson

Class of 2013
One teacher who made a positive impact in my life was Rachel Lufer who taught multiple science courses at Inspire. I had her for Human Anatomy where she passed down to me a passion for studying the human body which I have carried on and will continue to do so in my future profession as a physical therapist.  My favorite aspect about Inspire was the close-knit community that transcended class levels and interests. It was  a rare experience where friendships weren’t limited by cliques or seniority; the school productions and activities helped promote a unified school where everyone could feel welcome.  I strongly believe that Inspire helped me prepare for life after high school. The blocked class scheduling and a variety of electives made the transition into college very smooth for me. As well, after experiencing what rich community feels like at Inspire, I was motivated to seek the same type of community in college, which has significantly increased my enjoyment of higher education. Currently, I am 6 months away from receiving my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in Seattle. I got married in 2017 and my wife and I have spent the last two years adventuring up in Seattle as I work through grad school. I have loved the field of physical therapy as I get to incorporate my passion for human anatomy as well as utilize my creativity to come up with unique treatment options for patients of all stages of life. Following Inspire, I have been able keep up with my love of acting and participate in multiple community theatre performances, local as well as internet commercials, and a professional quality short film. I have had to put acting to the side as I focus on finishing my degree but I can’t wait to pick it up again when I’m done!
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Kylie Dennhardt

Class of 2020
I took anatomy my junior year with Mrs. Olson, and she really showed me how much I can love the medical career. Anatomy was my favorite class I have ever taken and I realized how this is something I want to continue for the rest of my life. I also feel so thankful that I went to inspire, because I feel very prepared for my future education. The staff was always so supporting and was always willing to help me if I reached out. They taught me how important it was to apply myself and stay organized. I feel like Inspire has granted me so many opportunities that I would not have gotten outside of school. The counselors have helped me stay on track and take the classes I need for my education. Advisory has given me so much knowledge and I am so thankful I was able to get that experience. I was able to have a safe space to express my concerns or worries, and they were always addressed quickly. Mrs. Alexich and Ms. Smith were so helpful and informative with giving advice and keeping me on the right track.
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Lauryn Reid

Class of 2019
When I first transferred to Inspire from Chico High, I was worried that I wasn’t going to fit in. I didn’t have a particularly deep interest in the things that Inspire is known for, like theater, art, or science. By the end of my first year, I knew I belonged at Inspire. Having a strong community and safe environment allowed me to grow into someone I didn’t know I was capable of being. I am so grateful for the close relationships I have formed with the staff, and the wisdom they have shared with me throughout my three years there. Just because you might not think of yourself as a cookie-cutter “Inspire student” doesn’t mean that this isn’t the place for you. The school taught me how to be an engaged citizen, a leader, an advocate for myself and others, and most importantly it taught me that it’s okay to be myself. As young adults, there is a lot of pressure to know things already. Inspire allows you to explore your interests and yourself in an uplifting community. I am now studying Sociology and continuously using my academic and nonacademic education from Inspire to learn about myself and where I fit into the world.
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Luciano Castaldo

Class of 2020
Every teacher and staff member at Inspire has made a positive impact in my life! I find myself viewing my teachers and staff more as a family and friends than as superiors, and that’s one thing I really love about our school’s community.  My favorite part of Inspire is the passion and love that our teachers have for their classes! It is very clear that each staff member is excited to be teaching and loves what they’re doing, and that makes learning much more engaging and exciting for us students! I also appreciate the passion that our teachers have for us as students to learn! Almost every teacher can be found after hours after classes have been dismissed to help students one on one so they can truly understand the material. They don’t stress over you getting a perfect test score each unit… they stress that we try our hardest and put in an effort to learn! And when we do so, it’s clear that it makes them happy!  Inspire has prepared me not just for life after high school-- but for life in general. Inspire is preparing me for the now. I find that the family and community structure that Inspire is built off of helps remind me how I can be making a positive impact in other people’s lives who don’t share the same experience that I get to experience here at Inspire. 
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Neo Campagna

Class of 2019
Every single teacher made an impact on me, but particularly, DLT, my advisor, and Mr. White. DLT was the mom of our advisory and she loved us and listened. She helped us through the hardest times. Mr. White, however, is the reason I attended Inspire. Mr. White has given me the career path that I didn’t think was accessible or possible. With Inspire’s studio and professional mixing software licenses, we learned everything from a professional who was in the field for more than 20 years. And now, thanks to him, I have a career doing what I love most-- I am a mixing engineer/producer/DJ. Inspire is a safe haven for anyone that was gonna be considered “weird” at other places. It makes you feel at home and trustworthy always. My favorite part was always the studio, professionally treated and with fully unlocked pro tools-- it was amazing!
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Nicholas Wright

Class of 2018
Technical Theater was a fantastic major that set me up for well paying professional theatre jobs at an especially young age for the industry. I cannot recommend the program and it's faculty highly enough. The program educators are amazing at finding students strengths and building a solid foundation from their weaknesses.
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Oliver Moore

Class of 2019
If you know what you want to do, come here. If you don’t know what you want to do, come here.
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