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Northstate Parent Magazine

Articles such as “Art In Any Form Has Lasting Benefits” and “Music Fills Teens With Positivity” are just two of the great articles in the magazine issue dedicated to how arts benefit children of all ages. “The students are filled with positivity whenthey come away from music,” Jim [White] says.

Blu Egyptian

Blü Egyptian Band, a band made up of Inspire students and alum, have announced the release of a new song and debut EP, and you won’t want to miss it. When you listen, you’ll find influences from an array genres, including world music with Latin influences, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, EDM, funk, blue grass, country, folk, reggae, and MORE.

Virtual Gala

Jarrah Miles, the Director of Production Projects, joined Action News Now at Noon to share how this event will work. Miles said the 2021 Inspire gala will not only showcase students’ performance work, but they will invite community members to learn what it’s like to be an Inspire student.

Inspire Virtual Auction a Huge Success

It has been a busy season for the Inspire Foundation -- with fundraising for a new school, our largest entirely virtual fundraising effort to date,...

Inspire Returns to Campus for Period 7

Inspire Returns to Campus for Period 7

There is some exciting and long-awaited news coming to Inspire this week... After months of deliberation and planning with students, faculty, staff,...

Dual Enrollment with Butte College

Dual Enrollment with Butte College

We're always looking at ways to innovate at Inspire, so that our students graduate with the skills and experience they need to further their...