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AP Exam Schedule:

English Literature and Composition

6/1 at 9 am – Digital

United States History

6/2 at 9 am – Digital

Spanish Language and Culture

6/4 at 8 am – at Inspire School

Music Theory

6/4 at 12:00 pm – at Inspire School

English Language and Composition

6/7 at 9 am – Digital

Computer Science Principles

6/7 at 1 pm – Digital

Physics 1: Algebra-Based

6/9 at 1 pm – Digital


6/10 at 1 pm – Digital


6/11 at 9 am – Digital

2020-2021 School Year: Frequently Asked Questions

Transition Back To Campus Timeline

When will Inspire reopen for in-person instruction?

Distance learning will continue through Period 6. Parents and students will be able to choose an in-person instruction model beginning Period 7 (March 25). Keep in mind that this plan is contingent on Inspire Board approval and a re-appraisal of community COVID spread at that time.

I heard that some students will be allowed on campus during Periods 3 through 6 (Oct. 19 - March 24). Can I choose to send my child to school during that time?

Inspire will have some small-group instruction and support on campus during Periods 3 through 6. However, teachers will determine which students will be allowed on campus using a variety of factors (student learning and technology needs, level of comfort with in-person learning, etc.) Please do not reach out to Inspire staff during this time to request in-person instruction for your student.



What will in-person learning look like after March 25? Will the daily schedule remain the same?

Inspire will continue on the 1 X 8 Block Schedule for the remainder of the year. Students on campus will:

  • Begin class at 8:30 and leave at noon
  • Continue to work on extended learning online from home in the afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00
  • Continue to log into Advisory Zoom on Fridays at 1:00 p.m.
  • Need to arrive no earlier than 8:15 and leave no later than 12:15
  • Need to bring their Chromebooks or laptops each day, along with any other materials required for classes
  • Possibly attend only on Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays; for classes larger than 15, we will need to split the in-person group into two cohorts



If I choose the Independent Study model when school re-opens, will my child be able to be a part of Inspire?

If Inspire is able to go back to campus in-person, we will continue to have an independent study model available for families who don’t feel safe sending their students back to school in-person. These students would be enrolled in the online program, and their work would be guided by an Inspire teacher dedicated to supervising all Independent Study students. These students would have opportunities to engage in the life of Inspire through virtual Advisory meetings, virtual clubs, and by reaching out to their teachers. If they want to transition back to learning on-campus, they can as long as they have finished the class they are currently enrolled.

Safety Measures


Are masks being required? We have multiple vulnerable people in our household, and this piece is critical for everyone’s protection if in-person student attendance will be happening.

  •  Yes, masks are required for all students and staff.

Can students bring their own masks?

  • Yes

Are both face masks and shields acceptable?

  • If a student wishes to wear a shield, it must have a drape attached.


Will Teachers also have daily temp checks?

While some teachers may scan students’ temperatures upon entering the classroom, temperature checks are no longer required. Families will need to screen students for COVID symptoms before sending them to school in the mornings.

Given that the CUSD decided to do an a.m./p.m. model that still has half their students arriving at 8:30, will this affect our start and end times so that we can minimize contacts with all the Chico High Kids?

We have a plan to ensure only Inspire students may enter and exit via the gate closest to the parking lot.


With 6 ft of distance, can all students (Who want it) be on campus and in classrooms safely? How many students will be in the classrooms?

We plan to have no more than 15 students in a classroom at any one time.

What happens if an outbreak occurs and attending in person becomes impossible?

We will move back to a distance learning model in the event that on-campus instruction becomes unsafe.

Butte County Public Health has collaborated with school nurses to develop a clear description of the actions both school staff and public health staff will take if a student or adult on campus shows symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for the virus. Visit the Butte County Public Health webpage for more information:

Has the school invested in any improved air purifying systems for the indoor spaces?

Our HVAC systems are brand-new, and they pump outside air to inside air at 10%. We have the highest grade air filter you can get, a hospital-grade MERV 13, and we change them consistently.  We plan to keep doors and windows open as much as possible.

What accommodations will you be providing to ensure a safe learning environment for students with chronic health conditions?

For students with a 504, we will plan accommodations in partnership with parents. For other needs, please reach out to us to ensure we can make all reasonable accommodations to serve your student.

In-Person vs. Distance Learning

If I am not comfortable sending my child back to school on March 25, will they have options for learning from home?

Yes. Inspire teachers are planning to provide hybrid instruction, teaching students at home and students in the classroom simultaneously. For this reason, students will continue to keep their current schedule and teachers, and will have the option of learning in-person or virtually.

How effective is hybrid learning? Will students at home have a compromised experience?

The hybrid model, like distance learning, is not ideal for either teachers or students. This will be a completely new style of teaching, and it will be a challenge for our staff. However, we have a group of teachers piloting this model during Periods 3 through 6, and we are working hard to support them with technology, training, and resources. We have planned professional development for teachers to train and prepare for the challenges of delivering instruction in the classroom and online.


What will the distance learning model look like?

Inspire teacher will teach their class on a 1×8 block model – meaning that a student will take their first period for 4.2 weeks, then transition to period 2 for 4.2 weeks, and at the end of the year will have completed 8 courses. This is the safest option when it is safe to transition back to on-campus learning.

Inspire will continue on the 1 X 8 Block Schedule for the remainder of the year. Students on campus will:

  • Begin class at 8:30 and leave at noon
  • Continue to work on extended learning online from home in the afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00
  • Continue to log into Advisory Zoom on Fridays at 1:00 p.m.
  • Need to arrive no earlier than 8:15 and leave no later than 12:15
  • Need to bring their Chromebooks or laptops each day, along with any other materials required for classes
  • Possibly attend only on Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays; for classes larger than 15, we will need to split the in-person group into two cohorts



What is the daily schedule for distance learning?
What will the independent study model look like?

When a family chooses the Independent Study model, the student will be automatically enrolled in an online learning program. Students who are participating in concurrent enrollment courses must take at least one online course every 4.2 weeks for the 2020-2021 school year. Independent Study will be supervised by a dedicated independent study teacher. It will be structured on the 1X8 Block Schedule.

How do you intend to keep the students who choose to do independent study included in the Inspire community?

  • Virtual Advisory on Fridays is one way students can be involved. 
  • They can also access class content through Schoology, and can engage in clubs, which will be held virtually.


How will majors work?

Students will meet with their major advisors consistently throughout the year (virtually). Students completing a Capstone project will start planning with their major advisor, then work intensively on their projects while in the actual class. 

Will AP tests be offered directly after the 4.2 week time or will students have to wait until the end of the year?

All students will take the AP tests in May.

Are there any plans to allow or encourage students to do long term projects? Will there be an opportunity for some review for the classes that they take at the beginning of the year either at the end of this semester or beginning of next?

Yes, we will be working on creative solutions for students who need: math review, AP review, Student Government engagement, Major Capstone projects, etc. Many of these reviews will happen virtually in the afternoons. We know that for many courses and disciplines, the 1X8 Block is not ideal, and we will build in opportunities for students to practice, review, etc. over the course of the year. 

What about students who have an open period or a TA/Peer Tutor period?

Students will not have the opportunity to take an open period. T/As will be enrolled on a case-by-case basis.

What accommodations are being made for AP students who plan on taking multiple classes?

We are working on a schedule that would allow for students to take multiple AP classes.

Will Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) be happening this year?

Yes. While ISPE minutes can be accomplished by students at home, Dance PE is working on a plan for safe physical activity for students on campus.

How will the performing arts look this year?

The performing arts will be happening, please take a look at the document outlining the upcoming year.

Consider joining the discussion on the Inspire Performing Arts vision for the future: 

Thursday, February 18th at 7:00-8:00PM

Via Zoom:

Come learn about our planning and ideas for next school year. We will address course selection, placement into courses, clubs, productions, CTE pathway, and majors in the performing arts. This will include: dance, instrumental music, musical theatre, recording arts, technical theatre, theatre performance, and vocal music. All staff will attend to field questions and share information prior to our course selection period at the end of the month (Olivia Cerullo, Erin Horst, Jarrah Myles, Sarah Shoemaker, and Jim White). We will also address this year’s opportunities, summer opportunities, and our newly forming Performing Arts Booster Team.

For more information, please contact Performing Arts Director, Jarrah Myles.


Materials and Office Info

Office Hours

The office is open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Main Phone: (530) 891-3090

Attendance: (530) 891-3133 | 


  • If you need tech materials, we need to know what you need BEFORE you come to the office so we can get it ready for you. The process is much easier if the student is present as we will need them to sign into their accounts to register the device.
  • If you need to pick up or drop off materials, you don’t need to schedule an appointment.
How will lunch/food services be handled?

Breakfast and lunch will be available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am – 12:30 pm at Chapman Elementary, Citrus Elementary, Little Chico Creek Elementary, Chico Jr. High and Bidwell Jr. High. 

Who should parents contact for mental health services for their child?

The best contact for mental health support is your student’s academic counselor, Ms. Teeter ( or Mr. Hopkins ( (specific to last name/alphabet).

How will students with IEP’s needs be met?

We will continue to work with parents to implement Individualized Education Plans, and support will be delivered virtually.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways

At Inspire School of Arts and Sciences, students have the opportunity to explore and deepen their passions in different career and technical education (CTE) pathways. Most students at Inspire complete a pathway before graduation. Each pathway offers hands-on learning experiences in their career or technical education area of interest. These experiences include but are not limited to SkillsUSA, theatre productions, college visits, career speakers, workplace tours, industry mentors, festival competitions, and internships.

Inspire offers the following pathways:

– Design, Visual, and Media Arts

– Production and Managerial Arts.

– Performing Arts

– Engineering and Architecture


Production set design student, sitting at desk, reviewing design sketches.
Two engineering students, posing for the camera with their robotics project.


Academic majors allow a student to focus on a specific area of study and prepare for specialized university programs, technical schools, conservatories, or to simply gain deeper understanding and experience in a field of study while in high school.

Students can declare a Major upon starting at Inspire and are encouraged to do so no later than the spring of their sophomore year. Requirements to graduate with a major include attendance at major-specific meetings, a meeting with their major advisor once a semester, maintaining a 3.0 overall GPA, and grades no lower than a B- in any major class. Students meeting these requirements will wear a colored cord at graduation that corresponds with their major.

Inspire offers the following majors: