Scott Gunderson

Scott Gunderson

Teacher, Advisor
(530) 891-3090


Scott Gunderson has been teaching for nearly 30 years, is an Inspire original teacher, and remembers with great fondness and horror being part of starting a brand new school. A favorite memory is using a hose coming through the window into a bucket as a workable sink in the first chemistry lab room. Scott taught previously at several area schools. They were all stepping stones on the path to finding his way home – working with the staff and students at Inspire. Scott teaches physical and earth sciences, mathematics, and engineering and is currently the engineering coordinator and advisor. No matter what department he’s in, he’s the old man and, luckily, is put up with by his wonderful colleagues. He grew up in Sacramento, graduated from UC Santa Barbara, and received his teaching credential from San Diego State University. He dragged his luckily tolerant wife, Denise, away from ocean and friends and family, and they have loved living in Chico since 1991 (except for the allergies). Their son, Tristan, was part of the second graduating class of Inspire, where he also found a home. Currently, Tristan is engaged, living in New York City, and working as an engineer. Scott is passionate about learning and music. It’s been a long, steep learning curve becoming an effective educator. Teaching doesn’t come naturally so Scott relies on theory and experimentation as you’d expect from a science teacher. To become more comfortable with being in front of the classroom, not the favorite spot for an introvert, Scott dabbled with theater and singing and realized that his favorite spot was below the stage in the orchestra pit, playing upright bass or trumpet, rather than on top of it. If Scott is ever absent from school, people who know him know that he’s either at an educational training or at a music festival. What, waste sick days on being sick? Scott loves the collaborative, caring culture of Inspire and the feeling of family. Not always quick to learn, Scott finally figured out that learning is about relationships and motivation. If you can establish those, the rest will come. If not, forget about it. Scott’s not planning on going anywhere soon and expects to end his long career sailing the S.S. Inspire into the sunset.

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