Jessica Frances

Health Aide

Ash Stier


Danielle Astengo

Teacher, Advisor

Gabriel Quezada

Instructional Aide

Michelle Eastman

Specialized Instructional Aide

Felicia Tenuta

Teacher, Advisor

Victoria Padilla

Development Assistant

Purple Pages

Advised by Brittney Hawkins

The Purple Pages is built to design and produce a monthly student publication. Activities in this club include collecting student submissions, designing layouts, selling ads, distr...


Advised by Malina Olson

 STEM Club will bring STEM resources and activities to all Inspire students and keep club members engaged with new STEM developments....


Advised by Jim White

Orchestra Club is open to orchestra members only for the purpose of fundraising and spending related to orchestra concerts and events.

Environmental Club

Advised by Justin Peek

Kimberly Nicholas describes the human impact on climate in this way: "People alive right now are living through the decade that will define the future for both humanity and life on...

Garden Club

Advised by Megan Lago

Our goal this year is to grow healthy snacks and beautify our campus! Students will have the opportunity to plan and execute everything we plant! We will also bring in outside expe...


Advised by Erin Hall

SkillsUSA Club is a competition club that focuses on the digital arts. Competitions include Digital Cinema, TV Production, Photography, T-Shirt Design, Pin Design and Animation. Th...

Tap Ensemble

Advised by Sarah Shoemaker

Tap Ensemble is for any Inspire student who loves to tap dance or wants to learn how!

The Gents

Advised by Olivia Cerullo

Do you love to sing? Are you looking to challenge yourself vocally this year? Then The Gents is the club for you! This advanced, auditioned, vocal group will consist of learning in...


Advised by Brittney Hawkins

Inspires Associated Student Body, also known as ASB, InStuGo (Inspire Student Government), Student Council or Leadership, is led by our student activities coordinators. ASB plans s...

One Voice

Advised by Olivia Cerullo

Do you love to sing? Are you looking to challenge yourself vocally this year? Then One Voice is the club for you! This advanced, auditioned, vocal group will consist of learning in...

CSF Club

Advised by Steven Tadeo

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Club focuses scholarship and service at Inspire and in our community. This club started in 1921 to recognize students in California who ...

Theatre Club

Advised by Erin Horst

Do you love watching, performing, designing, writing theatre? Then theatre club is the place for you. Join us to explore theatre - we'll be dreaming of creative ways to perform, en...

Kristen Lape

BCOE Counselor

Peggy Hawks


Jessica Jennings

Social Worker

Jessica was born in Salt Lake City, spending most of her childhood skiing and exploring the Wasatch Mountains. Her teen years were spent in Vermont where she learned to love icy sk...

Megan Lago

Education Specialist (RSP)

Megan Lago Is new to the Inspire family and is excited to join such a wonderful community. She grew up in Solano County where her journey in the education field began as a Para-edu...

Bring Change to Mind

Advised by Brittney Hawkins

BC2M is a new Inspire club which focuses on allowing students to increase their awareness and education about mental health in a supportive environment. Our purpose is to destigmat...

D&D Club

Advised by Joseph Hill

DnD Club is a weekly opportunity to explore the fantastical lands created by other students (Dungeon Masters) in epic campaigns. We welcome all levels of adventurers and encourage ...

Art Club

Advised by Linnea Smith

While we rarely actually make Art, we do jaunt around town and find artistic opportunities in the community. We might check out MONCA or walk to Elis art store downtown to buy art ...

Alisa Tousey

Class of 2015

Inspire was my happy place. Most people dread their high school years but for me, it was a time when I felt safe to dream big and push myself past my comfort zone. The teachers bel...

Steven Tadeo

Teacher, Advisor

Steven Tadeo was born and raised in Los Angeles. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and completed the teaching credential program at CSU, Chico. Mr. Tadeo is fascinated b...

Mitchell Shafer-Meyer


Students L-Z
Mitchell Meyer was born and raised in Montana, which, yes, is beautiful, but also freezing, so he was more than happy to jump at the opportunity to move to Californi...

Greg Johnson

Teacher, Advisor

Greg Johnson is beginning his first year at Inspire after 18 years  teaching Physics, Engineering, and Electronic Music at Yuba City High School.  Greg was born and raised in Sou...

Webster Moore

Class of 2015

Inspire propelled me into the musical career that I'm currently pursuing.  It was the first place I sang in front of folks on a stage, where I started my first band, and where I s...

Duncan Ober

Class of 2016

A tour of Inspire during my sophomore year immediately led me to transfer from another high school.  I never imagined that high schoolers could have access to the kinds of music ...

Elizabeth Ober

Class of 2018

At Inspire, my classes challenged and fascinated me. I chose to go to Inspire because of the variety of courses offered and the ability granted by the block schedule to take multip...

Rowan Wilson

Class of 2014

Inspire changed my life. My family moved around a lot, I changed schools a lot, and I was not what you'd call an outgoing person. I never got too involved at school and hadn't made...

Ulu Polynesian Team

Advised by Jarrah Myles

If you have never studied Polynesian dance, watching just one live performance might leave you wondering how you would feel up on stage, dancing the Hula or the Tahitian Ori. It’...

Hawks Nest Studios

Advised by Erin Hall

Do you like movies? Have you ever wondered what goes into making a movie? Hawks Nest Studios is a production club designed to further your skills in the filmmaking process and conn...

Robotics Club

Advised by Greg Johnson

Robotics Club focuses on building robots using the VEX Robotics platform. We compete in local competitions and do fun STEM projects after competition season. Our goal is to create ...

Production Team

Advised by Jarrah Myles

The Inspire Production Team (Course Title: Theatre Production) is a service oriented team created to liaison with Performing Arts Department clubs and classes to create, produce, a...

International Club

Advised by Beth Reid

We promote diversity and world cultures through the exploration of food, music, traditions, current events, and new perspectives. All are welcome!

CI Dance Team

Advised by Jarrah Myles

CI Dance Team open to all Inspire students and will be on Wednesday afternoons this year! CI Dance is a hip-hop and street dance performance group. This year is choreographed by ou...

Nicholas Wright

Class of 2018

Technical Theater was a fantastic major that set me up for well paying professional theatre jobs at an especially young age for the industry. I cannot recommend the program and it'...

Victoria Knighten

Class of 2020

If it wasn't for the amazing staff that has inspired me and has pushed me to continue what I love to do best, I probably wouldn't even be thinking about having a career at all but ...

Theodora Oldfield

Class of 2020

Like many, my draw to Inspire was the dance program. The idea of being able to dance while at school seemed like a dream to me. Just the fact I could take a class in dance in high ...

Romane Meissonnier

Class of 2017

I spent only a year at Inspire as an exchange student but it was such an amazing one! I felt so welcome in this school; students and staff were always willing to help out. I could ...

Oliver Moore

Class of 2019

If you know what you want to do, come here. If you don’t know what you want to do, come here.

Jamison Winternitz

Class of 2019

This school teaches life skills, work ethic, and provides a constructive/supportive community you cannot get at any other school.

Beyoncee Saetern

Class of 2019

Inspire is home to some of the most dedicated, funny, and loving teachers I have ever come across. It jump-started my passion to create and solve problems, while showing me that I ...

Lauryn Reid

Class of 2019

When I first transferred to Inspire from Chico High, I was worried that I wasn’t going to fit in. I didn’t have a particularly deep interest in ...

Neo Campagna

Class of 2019

Every single teacher made an impact on me, but particularly, DLT, my advisor, and Mr. White. DLT was the mom of our advisory and she loved us and listened. She helped us through th...

Emily Redeker

Class of 2017

Since my graduation, I have continued my studies as an Illustration Major at a California State University, and have been accepted into their Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program. Ins...

Andrea Azevedo

Class of 2012

Danielle Alexich was the English and Creative Writing teacher when I attended Inspire. Looking back, she had the biggest impact on my life. Not only was she an amazing person but a...

Courtney German

Class of 2016

If I had to describe my time at Inspire in three words, those three words would be; knowledgeable, interesting, and satisfying. What really makes Inspire a unique school is the f...

Heather Hardie

Class of 2020

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences is by far the best high school in Butte County. I have spent the past for years commuting 60 miles a day in order to get the best education avai...

Kylie Dennhardt

Class of 2020

I took anatomy my junior year with Mrs. Olson, and she really showed me how much I can love the medical career. Anatomy was my favorite class I have ever taken and I realized how t...

Riya Massey

Class of 2020

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences has hugely impacted my decision to pursue my dreams of theater. At Inspire I have learned it is okay to "Dream Big". Before Inspire my goals wer...

Serena Kuhn

Class of 2020

During my junior year, with the incredible help of Mr. White and Inspire students, I recorded my first album, "Sweet Reminiscence" and produced it on CD, Spotify, and Apple Music. ...

Danicka Leeds

Class of 2020

The possibility of attending Inspire has always been riveting to me since middle school. The idea of going to a school that accepted you as you were and encouraged like minded crea...

Forrest Fankhauser

Class of 2020

The biggest gift Inspire gave me was the inspiration of my dedicated (and sometimes quirky) teachers. People often ask me about Inspire, not understanding what it has to offer me.

Olivia Clark

Class of 2019

Inspire helped me grow as a person because there were so many electives I was able to take from freshmen year on—and I had the unique opportunity to focus on engineering and danc...

Emily Teague

Class of 2014

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences played a key role in the development of my character, confidence and creativity. My teachers were passionate role models I admired who truly c...

Ben Anderson

Class of 2016

A teacher who made a tremendously positive impact on my life was Mr. Hopkins. He taught English and was my advisor as well. I still talk about literature and plays with him wheneve...

Elizabeth Allen

Class of 2015

I had a  lot of great teachers who meant a lot to me, but Mrs. Brown definitely had a big influence on me. I first had her for English my freshman year, and she also helped me and...

Josiah Robinson

Class of 2013

One teacher who made a positive impact in my life was Rachel Lufer who taught multiple science courses at Inspire. I had her for Human Anatomy where she passed down to me a passion...

Amanda Pasilis

Class of 2014

As a timid and shy middle schooler, you would be shocked to think I would make a bold move in high school. At Inspire they encouraged us to think outside the box and step outside o...

Luciano Castaldo

Class of 2020

Every teacher and staff member at Inspire has made a positive impact in my life! I find myself viewing my teachers and staff more as a family and friends than as superiors, and tha...

Geoffrey Morales

Class of 2017

I came to Inspire my sophomore year, and if I could go back in time and do things differently, I absolutely would. I would come in my first year so that I could experience all four...

Skylar Rossy

Class of 2013

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences literally saved my education and career. I thought I would never finish high school, let alone go to college as I was homeless for half of my se...

Anna Lenaker

Class of 2015

It has been over five years since I graduated from Inspire. Since graduating, I obtained both my bachelor’s in religious studies and my master’s in public affairs from Brown Un...

Natalie Wren

School Nurse

Natalie Wren was born and raised in Northern California, and is a Chico State Alumnus.  As a local, she has a strong passion and commitment to this community.  Natalie has a back...

Angharad Musladin

Education Specialist (RSP)

Angharad Musladin is thrilled to have joined the Inspire Family!  She was born in Wales and raised in Oroville (OHS '91). She has recently returned to Chico to raise her family af...

Olivia Cerullo


Olivia Cerullo is a musician, music director and educator. She started at Inspire in 2020 as the vocal music, musical theater and choir teacher. Olivia was raised in Chico and atte...

Joseph Hill

Teacher, Advisor

I hail from the Big Thicket, the deep Piney Woods of East Texas. I grew up in a 'single stoplight' town of 400 people. In high school, I played all the sports, and excelled at none...

Jim White


Jim White is a musician, conductor, recording and audio engineer, business owner and teacher. He started at Inspire in 2012 where he teaches Instrumental Music and Recording Arts. ...

Dinah Weller

Data Coordinator

Dinah grew up in a family full of educators - from teachers, to administrators, to professors. She always knew she wanted to be involved in education, but couldn't find quite the r...

Tasha Teeter


Students A-K

Tasha is a school counselor whose passion for working with high school students leaves her laughing, crying, ripping her hair out, but mostly full of admiration and...

Linnea Smith

Teacher, Advisor

Having lived in 10 different states growing up, Linnea Smith graduated from college with the heart of a wanderer. Having a degree in Art education (a career chosen by her equally v...

Sarah Shoemaker


Sarah Shoemaker has been teaching and choreographing dance for all ages for over 15 years. She joined the Inspire staff in 2014 and has taught Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, Dance 4, a...

Danielle Reynolds

Teacher, Advisor

Danielle Reynolds has been teaching at Inspire since the second year of the school. She has taught almost everything from Math C to AP Calculus, plus Advisory and some Engineering....

Beth Reid

Teacher, Advisor

Beth Reid was hired at Inspire in 2011 after seven years of teaching in the North State. She teaches Spanish, Health, and Advisory. Beth earned her teaching credential from Chico S...

Becca Pratt

Accounting Technician

Becca Pratt is an Accounting Technician at Inspire School of Arts and Sciences. Her background is in business, and she loves the arts. Becca is from the Bay Area but has lived in...

Justin Peek


Justin Peek was born and raised in Paradise California. After graduating from Paradise High School in 2003, he flew to Hawaii on a one-way ticket. Once he realized he was too afrai...

Malina Olson

Teacher, Advisor

Mrs.Olson has been teaching at Inspire since the beginning. After graduating from Durham High School, she attended UC Davis where she studied Biology with an emphasis in Microbiolo...

Evita North

Teacher, Advisor

Mrs. North first started student teaching at Inspire in 2013 under the mentorship of Debbie Travers. She earned her credential and continued to substitute teach until officially jo...

Jarrah Myles

Teacher, Advisor

Jarrah Myles, created the dance and theatre programs at Inspire School of Arts & Sciences and has directed numerous shows including: The Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Into the Woods, ...

Martha Mendoza

Senior Office Assistant

Martha first moved to Chico in 1979 to attend Chico State where she stayed for five years, before moving back to the Bay Area. Many lifetimes later, she moved again to Chico in 200...

Matt McLaughlin

Director of Special Education / School Psychologist

Mr. McLaughlin was born and raised in the South Bay Area before moving to Chico in 1989. He graduated from CSU, Chico with degrees in Political Science and Philosophy. After some t...

Jen Josephson

Chief Business Officer

Jen Josephson's background is in business and accounting. I attended Butte College where I obtained 2 Associates degrees, an Associate in Science in Accounting and Business Managem...

Antonio Isern

Teacher, Advisor

Born and raised in Seville, Spain, Antonio moved to Chico along with his family at the age of 12. Growing up in Chico, Antonio attended Bidwell Jr. High and Chico High School. At...

Erin Horst


Erin Horst (DeSeure) teaches acting and theatre arts at Inspire School of Arts and Sciences and is dedicated to the school’s mission to deepen students' passions. Erin believes i...

Theron Hopkins

Teacher, Advisor

Theron Hopkins works with Freshman and Senior English students, as well as being an Advisor for 'The Class of 2024'.  He is proud to be a part of the Inspire Team.

Lee Holcomb

Senior Office Assistant/Attendance

Mr. Holcomb grew up in Gridley, CA where he graduated high school. After graduation, found a job as a teaching aide at a local school before going off to France where he taught Eng...

Brittney Hawkins

Teacher, Advisor

Brittney is the advisor for the Inspire student government, or InStuGo, the Anthology yearbook staff, and one of four class of 2023 advisors. Brittney grew up in Paradise, Ca, grad...

Erin Hall

Teacher, Advisor

Erin Hall is a west coast native, growing up and hiking in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada, surfing the beaches of Marin County, fishing the streams of Southern Idaho and riding the t...

Ken Hardy

Associate Principal

Mr. Hardy brings a wide variety of experiences and past leadership roles to the Inspire team. As an English teacher, baseball coach, presenter, and teacher mentor of 23 years in bo...

Scott Gunderson

Teacher, Advisor

Scott Gunderson has been teaching for nearly 30 years, is an Inspire original teacher, and remembers with great fondness and horror being part of starting a brand new school. A fav...

Marysol de la Torre-Escobedo


Marysol de la Torre-Escobedo received her Bachelor's Degree from UC Berkeley and her Clear Social Science Teaching Credential and M.A. in Education from Stanford University. In 200...

Sandii Buckman

Outreach Coordinator

Sandii Buckman (They/She) is an unconventional, strategic, and wildly devoted communications professional with a passion for the arts, sciences, culture, social justice, and commun...

Becky Brown


Becky Brown is Principal/Superintendent of Inspire School of Arts & Sciences, where she is privileged to learn something new every day. She graduated with a Masters in English ...

Marianne Ames

Instructional Aide

Marianne is from Santa Rosa, CA moving to the Sacramento area where she graduated from high school. She attended Sacramento State University where she obtained a Bachelor's degree ...