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Since its inception in 2010
Inspire School of Arts & Sciences has provided students with the unique opportunity to explore and intensively learn in the areas of theatre, music, dance, visual arts, digital media arts, engineering, and science – unlike any other high school in the North State. This award-winning high school commits to preparing the greatest number of students possible within a small school environment for a successful transition to college, work, and life experiences that reflect a lifelong love of learning, a fearless approach to risk-taking, a healthy work ethic, and a passionate commitment to service.
Over ten years of Inspire students have walked through the campus and so many stay in touch, talk about how Inspire changed their lives, and have said that Inspire staff made them who they are today. Take a look at what they have to say…

Olivia Clark

Class of 2019
Inspire helped me grow as a person because there were so many electives I was able to take from freshmen year on—and I had the unique opportunity to focus on engineering and dance. I was mainly a ballet dancer, but in the dance program, I was able to try out different styles and work with dancers I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The dance shows are also student choreographed, which some of my best friends did, and I got to be part of their creation, which was really fun. All the engineering classes are very hands-on. For example, sophomore year, there is a maze competition, where you work in groups of four or five, and design a robot to function without remote controls and the entire classroom becomes a maze. And in the STEM capstone project senior year, I worked with a partner and created an artificial environment to test the effects of added oxygen on insect size. We were able to run an engineering project and an actual science experiment. A couple of weeks after graduation, I started my first major career internship as a structural engineering intern, and in the fall, I’m going to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo as a civil engineering major. I want to design buildings and bridges and maybe work with Engineers Without Borders.
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Riya Massey

Class of 2020
Inspire School of Arts and Sciences has hugely impacted my decision to pursue my dreams of theater. At Inspire I have learned it is okay to "Dream Big". Before Inspire my goals were limited and very hesitant. Attending Inspire has encouraged me not to settle for less than what I want and aspire to be. In order to truly shoot for the stars and accomplish my dreams I have to be the main one to believe in my dreams and not let others tell me what I am and am not capable of. If anything, Inspire has taught me that I set the the standard for myself.
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Romane Meissonnier

Class of 2017
I spent only a year at Inspire as an exchange student but it was such an amazing one! I felt so welcome in this school; students and staff were always willing to help out. I could feel the teachers were passionate about what they were teaching us. It was also a great opportunity for me to discover the backstage world of theatre production, which I fell in love with. Plus, that year greatly helped me prepare myself for my audio engineering bachelor and work in that industry. I wish I could have been at Inspire all 4 years of high school! Romane was a French Exchange Student at Inspire School of Arts & Sciences and now lives in Amsterdam where she is a photographer and also does video production.  [button link="" color="purple" newwindow="yes"] VISIT ROMANE'S WEBSITE[/button]
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Rowan Wilson

Class of 2014
Inspire changed my life. My family moved around a lot, I changed schools a lot, and I was not what you'd call an outgoing person. I never got too involved at school and hadn't made many lasting friendships. What I found in Inspire was a group of staff and students who would become a second family to me. People who would celebrate me for who I was, but still challenge me to keep growing. I started getting involved in school musicals, galas, dance showcases, and so much more! The culture on campus is inclusive, inviting, and exciting. There was no "fitting in" at Inspire, because no matter who you were, we all simply belonged. I am more confident, open-minded, and prepared for the world because of the time I spent at Inspire. I went and got my teaching credentials because I wanted to give other kids the same incredible experience my teachers gave me. If you have even an inkling that Inspire is where you're meant to be, DO IT!! Because, and I mean it, I loved my high school experience, which is not something you hear a lot of people say.
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Serena Kuhn

Class of 2020
During my junior year, with the incredible help of Mr. White and Inspire students, I recorded my first album, "Sweet Reminiscence" and produced it on CD, Spotify, and Apple Music. The process of writing, developing, and creating a message with my songs was an experience that reaped an incredible amount of gratification. I received comments from people that said they were deeply moved by one song or enjoyed singing along to another. The realization that the songs I write to clear my own mind and help myself process could influence others in the same way inspired me. Knowing I have the power to create something important and healing for people, something with a message, and something artistic gives me a sense of purpose in the world. I am encouraged to continue creating and writing songs that move people and teach them something about themselves.
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Skylar Rossy

Class of 2013
Inspire School of Arts and Sciences literally saved my education and career. I thought I would never finish high school, let alone go to college as I was homeless for half of my senior year. Inspire worked with me to ensure I completed high school as I struggled with my mental health and homelessness and even helped me apply for Butte College, where I later graduated with two AA degrees in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Psychology. The teachers there gave me hope that I could be more; even when I did not know where I was going to live the very next day. Inspire was a place where I learned to truly be myself, to open up to others, and gave me opportunities to learn a more unbiased education. I was able to learn dance skills, guitar and ukulele, graphic design and photography skills, and social skills that have helped me get out of cycles of homelessness and helped my mental health. I am inspired to help transitional age youth that have struggled as I have. I have been working with differently abled adults, LGBTQ support groups, in mental health, and social services since I was 18. I just graduated Chico State with a Bachelors in Social Work and a minor in Diversity Studies. I will be attending San Francisco state in the fall and will be obtaining my Masters in Social Work with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential with their 2-year program. I firmly believe I would not have gotten this far in life without this high school.
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