The Inspire 2021 Virtual Awards Ceremony – Video and Results

May 28, 2021, by Sandii Buckman

It was a fun-filled week last week at Inspire, as we celebrated dozens of graduating seniors for their accomplishments during their time with us. We aired our virtual awards ceremony on Facebook Live and YouTube, and loved to see so many community supporters sharing their congratulations and kind words with deserving students who won awards and scholarships.

One amazing benefit of hosting the event digitally is that you can watch it from start to finish online, right here. But if you’re just curious about all of the honors that were given at the event, look no further. We’re sharing the full list of awards and awardees below, and hope you will join us in celebrating our Inspire family!

Watch the Entire Awards Ceremony Here

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2021 Awards and Awardees


Valedictorian: Jacob Stambaugh 

California State Seal of Biliteracy Recipients

French: Lianne Huber

Japanese: Megumi Konzen


Madison Gillen Adrian Gilligan  Keanna Glenn-Mills 

Wym Greene Elizabeth Lucio Kelly Martindale 

Sar Moch Magdalena Pope-Pangelina Adynn Rice

Bryce Smith Jacob Stambaugh Madison Webb 

Gwenyth Stokes 


Chico Community Scholarship Association (CCSA)

  • CCSA: Sage Brazil-Few
  • CCSA: Breanna Dodson
  • CCSA: Kylamae Mann
  • CCSA: Madison Webb

Community Scholarships

  • Rotary (Locke): Jacob Stambaugh
  • Rotary (Montgomery Stipend): Jacob Stambaugh
  • Sierra North Valley Realtors: Isabel Caldwell
  • Beta Chapter Omega Nu Foundation: Adynn Rice
  • Cindy Kennedy Memorial Scholarship: Kelly Martindale

Chico Rotary Outstanding Citizenship Award

  • Chico Noon Rotary Citizenship Award: Sage Brazil-Few
  • Chico Noon Rotary Citizenship Award: Forrest Powell


  • Inspired by Science: Lianne Huber
  • Inspired by the Arts: Forrest Patrick Powell
  • Academic Excellence: Jacob Stambaugh
  • Pursuit of Passion: Sage Brazil Few
  • Essence of Inspire: Forrest Powell 



  • Outstanding Achievement in Art: Isabel Gonzalez
  • Outstanding Achievement in Ceramics: Ian Cuff
  • Excellence in Art & Ceramics: Margurette Belcher, Shyla Cain, Talyn Garcia, Lianne Huber, Wym Green, Lawson Lewis, Sage Brazil-Few, Bryce Smith


  • Outstanding Achievement in Dance: Kelly Martindale
  • Excellence in Dance: J’Lynn Alstad, Madison Dillon, Olivia Guleff, Jenny Hernandez, Rosemary Miller

Digital Media Arts

  • Outstanding Achievement in Digital Media Arts: Nicole Patton
  • Excellence in Digital Media Arts: Haley (Hugo) Hansen, Callie (Wym) Greene, Isabel Gonzalez


  • Outstanding Achievement in Engineering: Lianne Huber
  • Excellence in Engineering: Madison Webb, Gwen Stokes


  • Outstanding Achievement in English: Wym Greene
  • Excellence in English: Lianne Huber, Jacob Stambaugh, Zane Stanilka, Maggie Pope-Pangelina, Kelly Martindale, Maddie Niven and Chloe Romero

Instrumental Music

  • Outstanding Achievement in Instrumental Music: Lianne Huber
  • Excellence in Instrumental Music: Maddie Niven, Colby Cramer-Hicks, Grace Knighten


  • Excellence in Leadership: Elliot Merten-Badami and Forrest Powell


  • Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics: Johnna Louie
  • Excellence in Mathematics: Alexandria Austin, Gillian (GG) Gibson, Lianne Huber, Lawson Lewis, Kelly Martindale, Jacob Stambaugh, Madison Webb

Musical Theatre

  • Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theatre: Chloe Brandi
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre: Elliot Merten, Natalie Kusie, Jenny Hernandez, Addi Morgan, Bradley Hand

Recording Arts

  • Outstanding Achievement in Recording Arts: Warner Narciso
  • Excellence in Recording Arts: Grace Knighten


  • Outstanding Achievement in Science: Lianne Huber 
  • Excellence in Science: Alexandria Austin, Kelly Martindale, Madison Webb, Lawson Lewis, Johnna Louie, Jacob Stambaugh, Gwen Stokes  

Social Science

  • Outstanding Achievement in Social Science: Noah DiFuria
  • Excellence in Social Science: Lianne Huber and Jacob Stambaugh 

Technical Theatre

  • Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre: Isabel Caldwell Aranza
  • Excellence in Technical Theatre: GG Gibson, J’Lynn Alstad, Maggie Pope, Chloe Brandi

Theatre Performance

  • Outstanding Achievement in Theatre Performance: Robin Naron
  • Excellence in Theatre Performance: GG Gibson, Madi Gillen, Jenny Hernandez, Jillian Johnsen, Adeline Ivey, Elliot Merten-Badami, Arlo Livernois, Addison Morgan, Maggie Pope, Adynn Rice, Rosemary Richardson, Chloe Romero, Claire Thomason

Vocal Music

  • Outstanding Achievement in Vocal Music: Adeline Ivey
  • Excellence in Vocal Music: Keanna Glenn-Mills 

World Languages

  • Outstanding Achievement in French: Lianne Huber
  • Outstanding Achievement in Spanish: Wym Greene
  • Excellence in Spanish: Keanna Glenn-Mills, Kelly Martindale, Jacob Stambaugh, Bryce Smith, Madison Webb 

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