Inspire Students Attend Lenaea High School Theatre Festival

February 8, 2024, by Sabrina Chavez

At the beginning of February, 38 of our students from Advanced Acting, Musical Theatre Performance, Production Team, and Theatre Design classes attended the Lenaea High School Theatre Festival at Folsom Lake College. They had the opportunity to participate with 1,600 students from 72 other schools in workshops on numerous aspects of theatre, including auditioning, improvisation, technical theatre, dance voice Chicano theatre, Shakespeare, and more.

Additionally, 13 of our students prepared monologues, duo scenes, original one-act scripts, musical theatre solos, and/or costume designs for adjudication at the end of the festival. After performing or presenting, they received feedback and workshopped their pieces with industry professionals.

During the closing ceremonies, 11 of our Inspire students were awarded.

Original Scripts

Bronze – Caitlyn J.

Costume Designs

Bronze – Cory R.

Gold – Hazel R.

Gold – Elliot H.


Bronze – Jade W.

Gold – Serenity D.

Duo Scenes

Bronze – Olive F. & Parker B.

Musical Theatre Solos

Bronze – Aidan L.

Bronze – Bliss K.

Bronze – Junie P.

Tech Olympics

Winner – Sound Challenge – Rowan B. 2:56 (shoutout Jim!)

Winner – Free show license from Uproar Theatrics!

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