Students, staff, and leaders celebrate School Culture and Community Day

November 17, 2021, by Sandii Buckman

As part of their school wide efforts to build engaged citizens and community members, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences launched our first-ever School Culture & Community Day on Friday, November 12th.

School Culture & Community Day was designed as a full-day opportunity for Inspire students and staff to celebrate and recognize their role and connection to the community at large, and was organized and led by Inspire Student Government (also known as ASB and InStuGo) and Inspire teacher Brittney Hawkins. 

As part of the event, local community members share their experiences of growth, hope, and resilience with the student body. Each student grade level will take on a different theme, including:

  • engaging and connection in the community with a focus on academic and social events (Freshman)
  • self-awareness, honor, and integrity (Sophomore)
  • self-care in all its forms, including acceptance and compassion toward self and others (Junior)
  • and planning for the future, paying it forward, and reflection and gratitude (Senior).

Following the morning presentations, students in all grades had the opportunity to tune into afternoon sessions of their choosing. In addition, we tie-dyed shirts with Inspire flair and participated in other lighthearted community-building activities. Mrs. Hawkins shared with us, “Our hope was that by students experiencing these stories, they will continue to grow as empathetic, caring, open-minded members of our school and community. The feedback we’ve received from both students and parents tells us that we have achieved and exceeded that goal.”

Connecting back to Inspire values

Earlier this year, we announced our schoolwide theme, “Be What You Want to See,”  and organized this student development activity as part of the overall mission and vision of Inspire School of Arts & Sciences. The Inspire commitment to preparing students for life after high school has never been more focused than it is today. Inspire exists to empower high schoolers not only to excel academically, but to be actively and thoughtfully engaged in the bigger picture of the world. Quite literally, we want our students to envision the change and growth they’d like to see around them, then to insert themselves into that vision.

School Culture and Community Day was just one new opportunity for young people to hear stories of courage and resilience that inspire and motivate them to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. We hope to turn it into an annual event of learning and development for our students and campus community.

Here are some highlights from this day-long experience

We will see you for next year’s event, and look forward to even more “Be What You Want to See” events this school year. Special thanks to our engaged students and staff, community leaders who attended and shared their skills and wisdom, and the InStuGo students who led the effort through ASB! We heard stories of resilience, learned new ways of expressing ourselves, connected to our personal goals and values, built a new understanding of cultural traditions, and even tested our physical limits. That’s Learning, Inspired.

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