Grand Hotel, the Musical: Student Designed, Student Driven

February 25, 2022, by Sandii Buckman

Bringing live performance back to Inspire this year has reinvigorated our entire campus community. Anyone who has attended an Inspire production knows the unforgettable experience of seeing student work come to life on stage. This month, we’re at it again, with our production of Grand Hotel, the Musical. True to form, every aspect of this immersive experience was designed and driven by Inspire students, and we are proud to share the show with you.

About the Show

“Living the high life, but time is running out…”

For one weekend only take a trip back in time to the roaring 20s at the illustrious Grand Hotel, Berlin. Where you will follow the intersecting stories of the eccentric guests of the hotel and its staff: including a faded prima ballerina; a fatally ill bookkeeper, who wants to spend his final days living in luxury; a young, handsome, but destitute baron; a cynical doctor; a hardworking father-to-be, a businessman gone bad, and a typist who is a determined Hollywood hopeful. Inspire School of Arts & Sciences’ Grand Hotel, the Musical will immerse you in Art Deco opulence, an impressive live orchestra, awe-inspiring monochromatic designs, and five star singing and dancing.

There will be four performances this February 25th-27th, 2022 at the Paradise Performing Arts Center. You can learn more and purchase tickets here.

Grand Hotel is such an immersive experience because it takes place in the 1920s. Designers and cast members are able to fully delve into the art deco feeling of Berlin and experience the richness of the story, which is incredible to watch every day of rehearsal or production.

Maya K., stage manager and scenic artist

Student Designed, Student Driven

Every theatre production we host is driven by students from concept to performance. Here are some aspects of Grand Hotel, the Musical, that students are contributing to. These productions are built alongside students so that when they graduate, they have a resume and portfolio of experience to use as they pursue careers in theatre, music, and beyond.


With staff support, our creative team designed the entire concept behind Grand Hotel, the Musical, adapted the script, and cast a vision for the production. 

I’m looking forward to watching the variety of moving parts coming together into a show. Musicals like Grand Hotel are always a massive creative endeavor and being part of the process is a wonder.

Isaiah K., playing Erik Litnauer

Costume, Makeup, Hair, Props

Designers and cast members have done everything possible to make this show a completely immersive experience…every little prop, set piece, costume, and wig has thought put into it to make the show appear as though you were really stepping into a Berlin hotel in the late 1920s.

Maya K., stage manager and scenic artist

Set Design & Building

From concept to stage, Inspire students are designing and building the entire set for Grand Hotel, the Musical. Every effort has been made to ensure that audience members feel they are transported back in time to the 1920s. Students do not only imagine the set, they source materials, build and paint entire sets, and bring them to the stage itself!

The most valuable part about being in this show is that I get to bring the show to life with the sets we paint.

Jacob, Painting Crew


My job is to research the history of the play and the time period it is set in. I have had a lot of fun learning about the lives of people who lived during the 1920s as well as the history of the hotel itself. Sharing that knowledge with the actors and crew is super fun and rewarding.

– Eva, Dramaturg

Singers, Actors, Choreographers, & Instrumentalists

Students play an active role in choreographing the show, rehearsing for hours each week, and bringing their singing and acting skills to the stage for north state audiences. You can also catch them performing alongside alum and community members in the orchestra pit! Inspire students support their classmates in building their own talents and confidence, so that they can leave their mark on the next generation of performers in our region.

Because this is my fourth and last musical, I feel like it’s an accumulation of all the work I’ve done over the past four years. It’s a chance to show off the skills that I’ve picked up as well as teach underclassmen a thing or two before I leave. (Not that they need it, the underclassmen are extremely talented.)

Ava F., playing Jenny 1, Co Dance Captain, Lead Front of House design

Budgets & Fundraising

Shows can’t come to life without the funding to support them, and students participate in imagining creative fundraising events (like the Opening Night Fundraiser, Puttin’ On the Glitz), so that even more live performances are possible at Inspire.

Come celebrate arts education in style!

Grand Hotel: The Musical¨ is a hidden treasure. It has been gatekept for so many years, I think it’s time for everyone to see it and realize how great it is!

Beatriz L., telephone operator and costume crew


Dear Inspire Students and Families:

Throughout the pandemic, Inspire has relied on California Department of Public Health guidelines for K-12 schools to ensure we have effective safety measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we strictly enforce the mask recommendations for indoor learning during the school day, it’s important for students and families to know the rules are different when it comes to extracurricular sports and performances

Student dancers, singers, actors, and musicians are not required to be masked while performing. For this reason, Inspire is allowing students performing in Grand Hotel to be unmasked while onstage. They will need to re-mask when moving offstage and at all other times indoors, and we have procedures in place to allow them quick access to their personal masks. Performers who are not comfortable unmasking will absolutely have permission to stay masked onstage. The ability to unmask will begin Wednesday evening and we will go over processes Tuesday evening.

We are grateful for your input in this decision, especially because the uncertainties around the pandemic require ongoing check-ins of our school community to navigate the best way forward. Please don’t hesitate to call or email any time with your questions or concerns. 

With deep gratitude,

Becky Brown


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