Inspire Foundation “Advisory Challenge” Launches Across Campus

September 2, 2021, by Sandii Buckman

This month, the Inspire Foundation launched our brand new peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, “Their Future Is Now,” and we’re making it more fun than ever for our students and staff to take part! Peer-to-peer fundraising allows groups, businesses, or organizations to create fundraising teams, set goals, and invite others to donate to the cause. With under a year to raise the money we need to break ground on our new campus and permanent home in southeast Chico, it’s time for the Inspire family to join the cause through the Peer-to-Peer Advisory Challenge!

Here’s how it works…

Every Advisory at Inspire will have their own fundraising team, and will compete against each other to raise money and awareness for the new campus. With the generous support of their friends, neighbors, and relatives, Advisory will do their part to make our dream of a new campus a reality. All students have to do is join their Advisory team and start asking their networks to donate.

Here is a list of the creative Advisory teams that the community can start supporting:

Fundraising has never been easier for students!

Once students join a team (see video below), they can kickstart their fundraising efforts. Here are just a few ideas for how to build momentum.

What’s more, we’ve got the tools you need to be successful, so be sure to download the Advisory Challenge Toolkit for more tools, and check out our Peer-to-Peer toolkit for sample social media posts, emails, and more!

And yes, there will be prizes!

Each month the advisory with the most donations and the individual student with the most donations will win a prize. We will decide who won the most donations at midnight on the last day of the month (for example, winners for September will be at 11:59 am on September 30, 2021). All winners will be announced in The Perch.

We will be awarding prizes for September, October, November and December of 2021. The prizes will be announced on the first day of the month for the next month. For example, the prizes for September 2021 are: 1) Top advisory gets 100 points (toward the Inspire House Cup) for their advisory and a pizza party, 2) the top individual student gets $100 VISA card and $50 Dutch Bros. card. September’s prizes will be announced the beginning of October. Donations will accumulate so they will increase over the entire five months.

All Inspire students who join a team and raise at least $250 by September 30th, will get a ticket to Skate Night which will include a goodie bag with tokens and money for the concession stand.

We can’t wait to build our future together. Get in touch with Celeste at with any questions or for help getting started. WE GOT THIS!

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