Inspire Board of Directors

The Inspire Board of Directors is composed of seven individuals representing various stakeholders from the surrounding community including faculty from CSU Chico, Butte College, the local business community, parents and local educators. The Board usually meets on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm in room IC-6 on the Inspire campus. All meetings (unless otherwise indicated) are open to the public.

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Eric Nilsson
Board Chair
Brian Boyer
Brian Boyer
Kam Bull
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Ron Pope
Patricia Macias
Patricia Macias
Joni Dunlap
Joanna Dunlap MBA PhD
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Chris Fosen

Board Documents and Information

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Policies & Procedures

This Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy (“UCP”) contains rules and instructions about the filing, investigation and resolution of UCP complaints regarding any alleged violation by Inspire School of Arts & Sciences (INSPIRE) of federal or state laws or regulations governing educational programs. Inspire shall have primary responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

INSPIRE developed this UCP pursuant to Title 5, California Code of Regulations, §§ 4600-4687 and consistent with policies and procedures adopted by our governing board. This UCP shall apply only to those complaints that fall within the scope of the UCP and are applicable to charter schools. It does not apply to complaints arising from the employment relationship, which are separately addressed by INSPIRE’S employment policies.

Complaints Under the UCP

A UCP complaint is a written and signed statement by a complainant, including a person’s duly authorized representative or an interested third party, public agency, or organization, alleging a violation of federal or state laws or regulations, which may include an allegation of unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying or charging pupil fees for participation in an educational activity or non-compliance with the requirements of INSPIRE’S Local Control and Accountability Plans (“LCAP”). A UCP complaint must be filed according to the procedures set forth herein.

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INSPIRE shall investigate and seek to resolve, in accordance with this UCP, complaints alleging failure to comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations including, but not limited to, allegations of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying or noncompliance with laws relating to all programs and activities implemented by INSPIRE that are subject to this UCP.

All parties involved in allegations shall be notified by the Responsible Employee when a complaint is filed, when a complaint meeting or hearing is scheduled, and when a decision or ruling is made.

Step 1: Filing a Complaint

Any individual, public agency, or organization may file a written complaint of alleged noncompliance by INSPIRE.  A complaint alleging unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying may be filed by a person who alleges that he or she personally suffered unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, or by a person who believes that an individual or any specific class of individuals has been subjected to unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying, or by a parent or guardian. A complaint form is included with these policies, but complaints do not need to be filed with this form.

If a complainant is unable to prepare a written complaint due to conditions such as disability or illiteracy, the complainant can receive assistance from INSPIRE staff.

Complaints shall be filed with the Responsible Employee at the address provided herein. The Responsible Employee will maintain a log of complaints and subsequent related actions, in compliance with Title 5, California Code of Regulations, §§ 4631 and 4633. The Responsible Employee will evaluate the complaint to determine whether it is subject to this UCP and will notify the complainant within five (5) workdays if the complaint is outside the jurisdiction of this UCP.

  • Timing of Complaints – A complaint alleging unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying shall be initiated no later than six (6) months from the date when the alleged unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying occurred, or six (6) months from the date the complainant first obtained knowledge of the facts of the alleged unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying. If the complaint is not timely filed, the complainant will be notified of his or her right to appeal to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for an extension of time in which to file the complaint. Pupil fee complaints shall be filed no later than one (1) year from the date the alleged violation occurred with the Responsible Employee or designee.
  • Anonymous Complaints – Complaints related to pupil fees for participation in educational activities may be filed anonymously if the complaint provides evidence or information leading to evidence to support an allegation of noncompliance with the requirements of Education Code § 49010 et seq. (pupil fees). Complaints related to LCAP compliance may also be filed anonymously if the complaint provides evidence or information leading to evidence to support an allegation of noncompliance with the requirements of Education Code § 52075.

Step 2: Mediation (Optional)

Within ten (10) workdays of receiving the complaint, the Responsible Employee and complainant may mutually agree to mediation. The Responsible Employee shall make arrangements for any mutually agreed upon mediation that will allow both the complainant and INSPIRE to present relevant evidence. The Responsible Employee shall inform the complainant that the mediation process may be terminated at any time and proceed directly to an investigation. In the mediation of an unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying complaint, the mediator must agree to keep confidential any information obtained through mediation. If mediation resolves the complaint to the satisfaction of both parties, INSPIRE will implement any remedial measures and the complainant may choose to withdraw the complaint. If mediation does not resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of both parties or within the parameters of law, the Responsible Employee shall proceed with his/her investigation of the complaint.

The use of mediation shall not extend INSPIRE’ timelines for investigating and resolving the complaint unless the complainant agrees in writing to such an extension of time.

Step 3: Investigation of Complaint

In order to investigate the complaint, the Responsible Employee shall have access to applicable INSPIRE records and/or information related to the complaint allegations. As part of his or her investigation, the Responsible Employee shall do all of the following, in no specific order:

  • Provide an opportunity for the complainant and/or complainant’s representative and INSPIRE’S representative to present information relevant to the complaint or investigative process.
  • Obtain statements from individuals/witnesses who can provide relevant information concerning the alleged violation.
  • Review documents that may provide information relevant to the allegation.
  • When necessary, seek clarification on specific complaint issues.

Refusal to provide the Responsible Employee with documents or other evidence related to the allegations in the complaint, or failure or refusal to cooperate or obstruction of the investigation by the complainant or his or her representatives may result in dismissal of complaint because of a lack of evidence to support the allegation. Refusal to provide the Responsible Employee with documents or other evidence related to the allegations in the complaint, or failure or refusal to cooperate or obstruction of the investigation by INSPIRE or its staff may result in a finding, based on evidence collected, that a violation has occurred and may result in the imposition of a remedy in favor of the complainant.

Step 4: Board Review

INSPIRE’ Board may consider the complaint at its next regular meeting or at a special meeting convened in order to meet the 60 calendar day total time limit within which the complaint must be answered. Based on all the evidence obtained during the investigation, the Board may approve, modify or reject the Responsible Employee’s proposed decision and issue a final decision that meets the requirements set forth herein. The Board may also decide not to hear the complaint, in which case the Responsible Employee’s decision shall be final.

Step 5: Final Written Decision

The Responsible Employee shall prepare and send to the complainant a written report of the investigation and final decision within sixty (60) days of INSPIRE’S receipt of the complaint, unless extended by written agreement with the complainant. INSPIRE’S decision shall be written in English and, when required by law, in the complainant’s primary language. The decision shall include:

  1. The finding(s) of fact based on the evidence gathered;
  2. The conclusion(s) of law;
  3. Disposition of the complaint;
  4. Rationale for such disposition;
  5. Corrective action, if any are warranted, including, with respect to a pupil fee complaint, a remedy that comports with Education Code § 49013(d) and Title 5, California Code of Regulations, § 4600(u);
  6. Notice of the complainant’s right to appeal INSPIRE’ decision to the CDE; and
  7. Procedures to be followed for initiating an appeal to the CDE.

In addition, any decision on a complaint of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying based on state law shall include a notice that the complainant must wait until 60 calendar days have elapsed from the filing of an appeal with the CDE before pursuing civil law remedies.

In no event shall a decision under this section include identifying information of a student or any private employee personnel information, including but not limited to the nature of the disciplinary action taken against the student or employee. If a student or employee is disciplined as a result of the complaint, the decision shall simply state that effective action was taken and that the student or employee was informed of INSPIRE’S expectations.

If INSPIRE finds merit in a complaint regarding Pupil Fees, Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP), Education of Pupils in Foster Care, Pupils who are Homeless, and former Juvenile Court Pupils now enrolled in our school district, Reasonable Accommodations to a Lactating Pupil, Course Periods without Educational Content (grades nine through twelve), and Physical Education Instructional Minutes (grades one through eight), we shall provide a remedy. If INSPIRE finds merit in a complaint regarding Course Periods without Educational Content, Reasonable Accommodations to a Lactating Pupil, and Education of Pupils in Foster Care, Pupils who are Homeless, and former Juvenile Court Pupils now enrolled in INSPIRE, the remedy shall go to the affected pupil. If INSPIRE finds merit in a complaint regarding Pupil Fees, Physical Education Instructional Minutes and LCAP, the remedy shall to go all affected pupils and parents/guardians. INSPIRE, in good faith will engage in reasonable efforts to identify and fully reimburse all pupils, parents and guardians who paid an unlawful pupil fee within one year prior to the filing of the complaint.

Please file this complaint form and any additional documents in person or by mail with the following individual:

Jen Josephson | 335 W. Sacramento Ave. Chico, CA 95926 | (530) 891-3090 ext. 213

In a shared commitment with Inspire educators, the Board of Directors of Inspire School of Arts and Sciences (“Inspire” or the “Charter School”) resolves to responsibly support students’ freedom of speech and expression. We protect their right to inquiry and exchange of ideas, and we support them in guarding against attempts to curtail those freedoms. We respect students’ rights to express ideas and opinions, take stands, and support causes, whether controversial or not. We support open communication as fundamental to a free democratic society, and we 

encourage students to engage in civil dialogue, understanding that the ability to navigate ambiguity, listen to a plurality of perspectives, and articulate clear positions are essential traits for its citizens.

On-Campus Expression

Student free speech rights include, but are not limited to, the use of bulletin boards, the distribution of printed materials or petitions, the wearing of buttons, badges, and other insignia, and the right of expression in official publications, whether or not the publications or other means of expression are supported financially by the school or by use of school facilities. Student expression on the Charter School website and online media shall generally be afforded the same protections as print media within the Policy. 

Student freedom of expression shall be limited only as allowed by state and federal law in order to maintain an orderly school environment and to protect the rights, health, and safety of all members of the school community. Unprotected Expression includes the following: obscenity; defamation; discriminatory material; harassment (including sexual harassment), intimidation and/or bullying; fighting words; vulgarity and/or profanity; or violating privacy as defined above.

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Past Board Members

Rob Reddemann
Deborah Travers
Eileen Robinson
Matthew Brown
Dale Word
Jann Reed
Michael Panunto
Moaty Fayek
Jay Goldberg
Kim Jaxon
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Denver Latimer
Ben Juliano
Rose Krepelka
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Shelby Chase
Evan Tuchinsky
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David Zeichick
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Kate McCarthy PhD
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Catherine Sullivan