Our Very Own DLT – Vice Chair of the CTC

February 11, 2021, by Sandii Buckman

We can’t help but to share some BIG news about one of our very own Inspire teachers, Marysol De La Torre-Escobedo (or, as we lovingly refer to her, DLT)! Because we know DLT won’t sing her own praises for her accomplishments, we’re happy to do the honors.


An image of Marysol De La TorreMarysol is one of six classroom teachers to be appointed to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), an agency within the Executive Branch of California State Government. She was first appointed by Governor Brown in 2016 and then reappointed by Governor Newsom in 2019. This year, she has the honor of serving as the Vice Chair of the CTC.


The CTC’s primary purpose is to serve as a state standards board for educator preparation for the public schools of California, the licensing and credentialing of professional educators in the State, the enforcement of professional practices of educators, and the discipline of credential holders in the State of California.


In her new role as Vice Chair, Marysol will be a member of the Executive Committee, which plans and develops the major policy issues and initiatives the Commission needs to address to continue working on the goals set by the the CTC’s strategic plan. Her leadership will help to guide education policy and have a direct position impact on the teaching profession, our schools, and our communities!


As a beloved member of our campus community, Marysol has long been a touchstone for decision-making at Inspire. She is an unwaveringly ethical, committed, compassionate, and masterful teacher, as well as an inspiring colleague. We are beyond proud of her, and so grateful that she brings the perspective of teachers and students to education leaders at the state level.


Please join us is congratulating and celebrating DLT for this honor, and learn more about her background and career at https://inspirechico.news/DLT.

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