We Love Our Students! Student Recognition

May 26, 2023, by Sandii Buckman

For the 2022-23 school year, Inspire’s ASB asked students and staff alike to recognize students for their contributions to our Inspire community, and beyond!

Each month had a different theme and characteristic that was being highlighted. For example — being welcoming, healthy risk-taking, stress management, showing love, being joyful, and more!

We are so grateful and proud of each and every one of our students, but the following went above and beyond this year:

Abbi C Welcoming
Alaric R Acceptance
Alastair D Welcoming
Alastair D Creativity
Alyssa N Showing Love
Andres C Acceptance
Annalise L Setting the Bar
Anya H Welcoming
Ash C Healthy Risk Taking
Auggie E Being Joyful
Avery E Being Joyful
Avery H Acceptance
Azalea M Thankful for
Bliss K Setting the Bar
Brady C Welcoming
Brett B Setting the Bar
Brooke M Being Joyful
Christian R Welcoming
Claire D Stress Management
Claire T Showing Love
Codie T Being Joyful
Connor M Showing Love
Cora G Thankful for
Crow C Healthy Risk Taking
Diego Showing Love
Diego B-V Welcoming
Dominic C Welcoming
Dominic C Creativity
Dorian P Thankful for
Dream B Showing Love
Eli P Setting the Bar
Eliana H Being Joyful
Eloisa L Acceptance
Emilie E Being Joyful
Emily C Thankful for
Enessia E Stress Management
Felton M Setting the Bar
Forrest SP Showing Love
Gabriella N Showing Love
Gage C Showing Love
Grace P Showing Love
Gray K Stress Management
Gwen N Healthy Risk Taking
Iris BF Showing Love
Isle O Being Joyful
Jade W Being Joyful
James D Being Joyful
Jhumpa B-S Stress Management
Josephine N Being Joyful
Julian M Thankful for
Kai Y Being Joyful
Katelyn R Stress Management
Kaya H Being Joyful
Killian S Acceptance
Kris V Healthy Risk Taking
Lauren B Being Joyful
Lia S Being Joyful
Lilia C Welcoming
Lily M Setting the Bar
Lola P Acceptance
Lucas F Showing Love
Lucas R Stress Management
Luke M Welcoming
Luke M Creativity
Margaret K Welcoming
Marin T Showing Love
Max G Showing Love
Maya K Creativity
Miyagi P Stress Management
MK K Acceptance
Morgan B Acceptance
Naomi M Stress Management
Noah F Creativity
Oceana U Acceptance
Parker B Being Joyful
Peyton G Being Joyful
Phoebe P Being Joyful
Piper H Stress Management
Quinn A Welcoming
Rat M Creativity
Ray K Welcoming
Rayni C Being Joyful
Ryland F-R Setting the Bar
Sakura K Setting the Bar
Sam L Setting the Bar
Sarah C Showing Love
Sofi M Thankful for
Sorrin B Showing Love
Stephen W Healthy Risk Taking
Syd K Being Joyful
Taylor C Stress Management
Tyler G Showing Love
Willy W Acceptance
Wyatt H Welcoming
Zillah M Being Joyful
Zoe M Showing Love



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