Student Storybook Project Combines Creative Writing, Illustration, and Leadership

October 25, 2021, by Sandii Buckman

At Inspire, student learning is more than academics. It’s about finding a sense of community and identity, understanding our place in the world, and using our critical thinking and talents to make a mark on the communities we live in. 

We love sharing stories about students who are doing just that during their high school careers, and we’re so excited to reveal incredible student work from last year that combines creative skills, leadership, resilience, and mentorship to effect positive change in the North State.

Last year, students in Associated Student Body (ASB) or InStuGo (Inspire Student Government), took on a project that had some pretty beautiful results. In multiple parts over multiple class periods, students researched leaders in today’s world and wrote a children’s story about their chosen leader and/or issue. From research, to putting their storyboards together, to illustration, collaging and writing, students brought these stories to life while simultaneously building their own knowledge about inspirational leaders and movements. After the storybooks were created, the students recorded themselves reading the story aloud to share with the 4th graders at Citrus Elementary School via video.

ASB class typically has a relationship with the Citrus 4th graders, and volunteers time at the elementary school campus to act as “big buddies” or mentors to young people. However, due to distance learning and the pandemic, these students adapted their approach so they could make an impact in a virtual format.

The outcome? Over half a dozen inspirational and motivational stories, and the chance to educate youth about the impacts these leaders have made on the world. Harnessing their creative powers, these students were able to create an experience for younger students that fosters connection and sheds light on the positive role models of our time and in our history. We are proud to share all of these stories with you now, and hope you find some inspiration in this exemplary example of learning, Inspired.

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