Erin Hall


Erin Hall is a west coast native, growing up and hiking in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada, surfing the beaches of Marin County, fishing the streams of Southern Idaho and riding the trails in Santa Cruz County before making his way to Chico California. Erin was drawn to the community of Chico and Inspire’s mission in 2014 when he continued his teaching journey at Inspire. Since then he has helped Inspire create an award winning Digital Media Arts Program. Erin began his teaching career in 2004, in Santa Cruz County where he became passionate about Career Technical Education and project based learning. Erin earned a B.F.A. from Boise State in Southern Idaho and he holds a CTE teaching credential in Building Trades & Construction, Engineering and Arts Media & Entertainment. When Erin isn’t teaching in the classroom he is working with his students through Inspire’s Hawks Nest Studios Video Club and Inspire’s SkillsUSA Program. Erin provides individualized learning opportunities by working with students after school and on the weekends to further their excitement and cultivate a passion for learning in the digital arts. He helps students to; become effective leaders and directors, understand industry standard technology, implement visual and conceptual ideas, and produce quality work with their peers. Though Erin has always enjoyed school and learning he feels in his heart that nothing can beat an authentic experience. It’s the actual doing that is the defining moments of one’s life. Here are some of Erin’s defining moments. As a child Erin spent time as a student in Mexico, playing soccer in the streets of La Paz. As a teen Erin was a three sport athlete, and a 2 time Nevada State Wrestling Champion. As a collegiate wrestler Erin learned the rise to the top wouldn’t be so easy. In his early 20’s Erin met his wife Jessica and they spent the next 10 years traveling around the world (Europe, South East Asia, Central America and South America). This is where Erin’s love for photography truly developed. The two settled in Santa Cruz where Erin taught at a vocational charter school and coached wrestling at Aptos High School for 10 years. When he wasn’t coaching or teaching he was building…. homes, tiny homes, green houses, art cars, sculptures and CTE Programs. Recently, Erin’s dedication to student success has seen his students garner recognition across the state and nation as they’ve become 2 time Digital Cinema State Champions and took home a bronze medal in the 2019 SkillsUSA National Championships. Today when Erin isn’t teaching or helping students accomplish their goals, you will find him doing what he loves to do in his off time; playing with his twin daughters, riding his mountain bike or casting out a fly in one of his favorite rivers.

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