James Krepelka

James Krepelka


James joins the Inspire team as a Game Design and Programming instructor, bringing a wealth of expertise from nine years in the software industry. A Chico native, James is excited to return to their hometown and contribute to the local tech scene. With experience at both Google and Amazon, James has collaborated on diverse projects with teams across the globe, from the UK and Poland to India and Armenia.

Beyond professional development, James has cultivated a lifelong passion for building games, constantly exploring new ways to make digital experiences both engaging and impactful. This passion is rooted in a deep love for interactive storytelling and the power of games to foster creativity and problem-solving skills. This enthusiasm for creating fun and functional tools fuels James’s dedication to empowering students to innovate and solve problems through code.

When not coding or teaching, you’ll likely find James immersed in the natural beauty of the Chico area – riding a motorcycle, setting up camp, or planning the next tabletop adventure with friends. An avid outdoorsman and hobbyist, James enjoys exploring new interests and sharing those experiences with students to broaden their perspectives.

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