Justin Peek


Justin Peek was born and raised in Paradise California. After graduating from Paradise High School in 2003, he flew to Hawaii on a one-way ticket. Once he realized he was too afraid of sharks to pursue a career in surfing, he began his undergraduate work in preparation for studying veterinary medicine. He moved to San Francisco, where he worked in the animal hospital at the San Francisco Zoo. Once he realized watching gorillas in small enclosures made him sad, he began volunteering at Gateway High School. Justin continued his studies at San Jose State, and intermittently traveled to Japan, Europe, and Central America. He studied Spanish for one year at Centro Linguistico Maya School in Antigua Guatemala until returning and graduating from California State University, Chico, with his degree in Biological Sciences. In 2012, Justin began teaching biology at Oroville High School where he confirmed his passion for teaching. In 2014 he moved to Inspire School of Arts and Sciences to teach science and engineering. When Justin is not teaching, he’s planning for teaching. When he’s not teaching or planning, he’s likely fly-fishing a river, hiking a trail, rock-climbing, playing soccer, picking up the pieces of his favorite hat that his beloved dog chewed, cleaning a fresh wound from his sweet and vicious cat, or spending time with his best friend, his wife Martina.

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