Linnea Smith

Linnea Smith

Teacher, Advisor
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Having lived in 10 different states growing up, Linnea Smith graduated from college with the heart of a wanderer. Having a degree in Art education (a career chosen by her equally valued love of Art, children… and health insurance), she decided to travel the world using her talents to teach teenagers how to create and express themselves. She has taught Junior High and High School Art classes in Guam, San Bernardino, California and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (where she got parasites and had to go back to the states… did she mention how important health insurance is?). She has since lived in Chico and worked at Inspire School of Arts and Sciences for 10 years (literally the longest she has lived anywhere). You might be wondering why her travels ended… (Was it the parasites?) The simple truth is that Inspire captured her heart! She had found a school where it’s administration and teachers used their extensive knowledge, passion and love to put students first; and where kids were encouraged to dream and then expected to do the hard work it takes to succeed. In short, it was the school she never had (even though she had attended 14) and she just simply couldn’t leave. And so now she enjoys throwin’ pots, painting murals and teaching her “baby birds” how to do it all too. 

Miss Smith is also a doting aunt, a lover of all things fantasy and an avid storyteller that loves to laugh! In the last year or so, Miss Smith has also become a YouTuber. You can find her Art, Sculpture and Pottery tutorials at (feel free to like, subscribe and ring that bell to get notifications ;). She can’t wait to meet you!

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