Amanda Pasilis

Amanda Pasilis

Class of 2014

Amanda Pasilis's Words:

As a timid and shy middle schooler, you would be shocked to think I would make a bold move in high school. At Inspire they encouraged us to think outside the box and step outside our comfort zone. I took all sorts of classes; guitar, creative writing, fiber arts, songwriting, art, dance, geography, and more. I thrived in my science classes and found new passions. A new love of dance. I went to dance in a company for 6 years after that single Inspire dance class. I expressed myself freely and with guidance and support in my art classes. I made creations I never thought possible. I made new friends and strengthened older bonds. I was moved by the advice and voice of my advisor Mr. Pope. However, the biggest challenge came with my language class. A class centered on full Spanish immersion and conversation combined with presentations. Never did I fear the teacher calling on me more than I did in Spanish 1 my freshman year. My final presentation was quiet and lukewarm. I lacked confidence even though I excelled in that class. Tests and written work was no problem. Senor Isern wasn’t pushy but yet gentle. Slowly forcing me to speak more in front of the class. Inspiring me with his teaching methods and stories. He cared about his students. That’s how it is at Inspire. Eventually come my junior year I had found a new sense of self. My final presentation that year was confident and loud. It was passionate and well thought out. My fear of speaking in Spanish had diminished. Sr. Isern was proud too. His class gave me more self esteem going forth into college and life. Thank you Inspire. You nurture stronger human beings. 

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