Duncan Ober

Duncan Ober

Class of 2016

Duncan Ober's Words:

A tour of Inspire during my sophomore year immediately led me to transfer from another high school.  I never imagined that high schoolers could have access to the kinds of music production spaces that Inspire has. After switching to Inspire for my junior and senior years I made full use of those resources, learning Pro Tools production software in Mr. White’s Recording Arts class. Since graduating in 2016 I have built on these skills and now use Pro Tools daily in my job at KZSC Radio.  As a school of art and sciences, it’s easy to think students are either focused on arts or sciences at Inspire. This isn’t the case. Inspire is a place where students can grow as artists and scientists. I have such fond memories of walking from a biology lab straight into the music studio, and loving both! In college, picking a major often forces students to choose between passions.  Inspire proved that you don’t have to choose. I recently graduated [from UC Santa Cruz] with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and an Electrical Engineering minor. Inspire is the perfect place for students to see the intersectionality of disciplines and grow as well-rounded people, not just single-minded students.

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