Elizabeth Ober

Elizabeth Ober

Class of 2018

Elizabeth Ober's Words:

At Inspire, my classes challenged and fascinated me. I chose to go to Inspire because of the variety of courses offered and the ability granted by the block schedule to take multiple electives in a single year. One of my favorite things about Inspire was the focus on cross-disciplinary and intersectional critical thinking—my freshman year engineering class attempted to design a drainage system for the pottery wheels in the art room, my junior year history and English classes assigned a joint final project focusing on rhetoric and current events, and nearly every Inspire class had some focus on larger community engagement. Beyond just assigning books that entertained me, explaining calculus in the only way I’ve ever heard it make sense, or teaching me how to draw in two-point perspective, I will remember the wonderful teachers at Inspire as the people who provided me with some of my first and most pivotal opportunities to grow as a person and a thinker.

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