Emily Teague

Emily Teague

Class of 2014

Emily Teague's Words:

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences played a key role in the development of my character, confidence and creativity. My teachers were passionate role models I admired who truly cared for their students. They encouraged me to explore what I was interested in and were constantly providing their support. I loved that there were so many creative courses offered and the A/B schedule allowed for more of those courses to be options.

After I graduated, I felt confident to set out into the world and pursue photography professionally, which I had started as a junior at Inspire. Since then, I’ve traveled and worked in 25 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and West Africa. I’m now living and working out of Brooklyn, New York, as an editorial and commercial photographer. I balance my passion for creating stories in fashion with telling the stories of others through my work with non-profits and nongovernmental organizations. I reflect on my time at Inspire often and am so grateful for all that it provided me. I gained a fantastic education, beneficial life skills, friends, a community, teachers I stay in touch with, and memories I cherish.

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