Heather Hardie

Heather Hardie

Class of 2020

Heather Hardie's Words:

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences is by far the best high school in Butte County. I have spent the past for years commuting 60 miles a day in order to get the best education available to me. One of my favorite aspects of Inspire is the opportunity to take so many classes. Inspire gave me the opportunity to take nine classes whereas an average high school would have only allowed me to take six. With those opportunities I got to take four years of Spanish, Orchestra, and Ceramics, all elective classes that I wouldn’t have gotten to take at the high schools in Oroville. With these opportunities I was able to find my passion for the arts and still follow my passion for science. Inspire is the best school that I would have wanted to go to, and going there has been amazing. Another way that Inspire helped prepare me for continuing my education and pursuing my passion was with the amazing teachers and staff there. I have never had such wonderful teachers in my life, teachers who care deeply about their students and teaching them.

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