Luciano Castaldo

Luciano Castaldo

Class of 2020

Luciano Castaldo's Words:

Every teacher and staff member at Inspire has made a positive impact in my life! I find myself viewing my teachers and staff more as a family and friends than as superiors, and that’s one thing I really love about our school’s community. 

My favorite part of Inspire is the passion and love that our teachers have for their classes! It is very clear that each staff member is excited to be teaching and loves what they’re doing, and that makes learning much more engaging and exciting for us students! I also appreciate the passion that our teachers have for us as students to learn! Almost every teacher can be found after hours after classes have been dismissed to help students one on one so they can truly understand the material. They don’t stress over you getting a perfect test score each unit… they stress that we try our hardest and put in an effort to learn! And when we do so, it’s clear that it makes them happy! 

Inspire has prepared me not just for life after high school– but for life in general. Inspire is preparing me for the now. I find that the family and community structure that Inspire is built off of helps remind me how I can be making a positive impact in other people’s lives who don’t share the same experience that I get to experience here at Inspire. 

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