Neo Campagna

Neo Campagna

Class of 2019

Neo Campagna's Words:

Every single teacher made an impact on me, but particularly, DLT, my advisor, and Mr. White. DLT was the mom of our advisory and she loved us and listened. She helped us through the hardest times. Mr. White, however, is the reason I attended Inspire.

Mr. White has given me the career path that I didn’t think was accessible or possible. With Inspire’s studio and professional mixing software licenses, we learned everything from a professional who was in the field for more than 20 years. And now, thanks to him, I have a career doing what I love most– I am a mixing engineer/producer/DJ.

Inspire is a safe haven for anyone that was gonna be considered “weird” at other places. It makes you feel at home and trustworthy always. My favorite part was always the studio, professionally treated and with fully unlocked pro tools– it was amazing!

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