Rowan Wilson

Rowan Wilson

Class of 2014

Rowan Wilson's Words:

Inspire changed my life. My family moved around a lot, I changed schools a lot, and I was not what you’d call an outgoing person. I never got too involved at school and hadn’t made many lasting friendships. What I found in Inspire was a group of staff and students who would become a second family to me. People who would celebrate me for who I was, but still challenge me to keep growing. I started getting involved in school musicals, galas, dance showcases, and so much more! The culture on campus is inclusive, inviting, and exciting. There was no “fitting in” at Inspire, because no matter who you were, we all simply belonged. I am more confident, open-minded, and prepared for the world because of the time I spent at Inspire. I went and got my teaching credentials because I wanted to give other kids the same incredible experience my teachers gave me. If you have even an inkling that Inspire is where you’re meant to be, DO IT!! Because, and I mean it, I loved my high school experience, which is not something you hear a lot of people say.

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