Serena Kuhn

Serena Kuhn

Class of 2020

Serena Kuhn's Words:

During my junior year, with the incredible help of Mr. White and Inspire students, I recorded my first album, “Sweet Reminiscence” and produced it on CD, Spotify, and Apple Music. The process of writing, developing, and creating a message with my songs was an experience that reaped an incredible amount of gratification. I received comments from people that said they were deeply moved by one song or enjoyed singing along to another. The realization that the songs I write to clear my own mind and help myself process could influence others in the same way inspired me. Knowing I have the power to create something important and healing for people, something with a message, and something artistic gives me a sense of purpose in the world. I am encouraged to continue creating and writing songs that move people and teach them something about themselves.

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