The New Logo Story

May 6, 2020, by Sandii Buckman

We have a vision; it will happen. Here’s How…

For the last ten years, Inspire has provided an educational experience unlike any other in the Northstate area. At its core, Inspire is a deeply collaborative effort between teachers, parents, students and community members—all dedicated to providing a unique, personalized learning environment in which students are encouraged to explore their interests and develop their talents. A deeply resilient community– trained to be flexible, fearless and innovative problem solvers, motivated by the belief that one size does not fit all. The past ten years have only affirmed what we’ve always known to be true— our model, is Inspirational

But the truth is, whereas Inspire is absolutely the school we deserve, Inspire, the campus and online presence, is woefully inadequate. We have had to “make do” with the energy and time constraints, focusing on the priority– the education. Inspire continues to thrive despite its aging campus and societal pressures. The stark reality is that we have outgrown our nest,  the time has come to reemerge as the resilient Phoenix’s that we are. The time has come to provide students with a dynamic facility, a facility that promotes deep learning and critical thinking, the kind of thinking that confronts challenges and inspires solutions. We are ready for a 21st century campus to meet our 21st century education: but first, we must bring our web presence into this century…

Long before the current pandemic, we were extremely aware of the ever growing need for a new website. One that would differentiate us from the rest; that would wholeheartedly reflect our culture and current needs, but most importantly, share our STORY. 

Now, if you know anything about the legend of the Phoenix, you know it’s all about the process of transformation, not necessarily the transformation itself. We have run into quite a few bumps along the way, but are working tirelessly to establish a foundation for us to rebuild ourselves upon. The website will be launched on Friday, May 1st with the expectation that it’s still a work in progress, but is a much needed step towards actualizing our full potential. The website will not only benefit the school with a consolidation of updated information and act as a communal hub, but will also give us our best foot forward in terms of raising funds for the new campus. From a marketing perspective, it’s imperative that we share our story, that potential donors get to bear witness to the incredible educational model we have laid forward, and all the successes and challenges our community endures. 

Inspire has had a lot of turn around and change these past few years, but ain’t that just the way? Ain’t the only constant, is that of change?  We are INSPIRE. Home to change makers, boundary pushers, and challenge seekers. There may be so many unknowns, but what we DO know for certain is that of the duality between the individual and the collective. We are forged in this truth. 

Enter the new logo: a reiteration of the original, which also  reflects our push forward into the future. The isolated purple “i” encompasses the dual nature of individuality within a thriving collective. We want to respect all the hard work our Inspired forebears put into the branding and communication systems during Inspire’s inception,  while simultaneously reflecting the need for a more modern and easily adjustable logo to mirror our ever-growing visual identity needs.

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